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  1. I imagine that an boolean option could be made that either displays it above or below, though. :tongue: Assuming first off, of course, that it can easily be done. O.o
  2. Absolutely awesome hook, mate. Good job with it. The only thing that would make it perfect is if you could force it to display above the shoutbox. But, from what I've read in this topic, it seems as if that may not be possible. Thanks so much, Ibragim.
  3. I tried this as well; unfortunately though, it didn't fix the problem. :/ Thank you so much for your time though. I really do appreciate this. : )
  4. Yes, it just seemed a little strange. Technically, those links and everything work... they just aren't populating with text... O.o
  5. I really love the system; however, I'm having a slight error with the display of it. I'll post images. The links to the "likes" on the "my settings" page and the "member dropdown" menu aren't displaying accordingly. This doesn't seem to work in any of the skins either. [URL= ] [URL= ]
  6. Thanks so much. I really appreciate this. I'll try it right away! I hope that you're alright!
  7. I'm having a slight problem, hopefully I'm not being a nuisance by posting it here. : ) My problem is this: after uploading all of the documents from the upload file, I install the hook (the bottom, as that is what I need for my forum) and it simply isn't showing up. I turn the system on, allow all group permissions to see it and set all forums as applicable to this hook within its settings. However, if I uninstall the bottom installation and then reinstall it using the top installation module, then it works perfectly fine. Unfortunately, the top installation module is not what I mean. I hope that there's some simple solution. Thanks
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