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  1. Finally, after the release of version 3.1, i've started my conversion from VB to IPB. I was a little skeptical because i use a lot of accented characters like
  2. testing comments

  3. can't wait for version 3.1

    1. Stuart 4

      Stuart 4

      not long left

    2. Cyrem


      *camping outside IPB's office*

    3. Saurabh Jain

      Saurabh Jain

      waiting is the only solution...

  4. Definitely and in my opinion, tags and prefixes serve two different purpose and should be treated differently. Although, Brandon as a very good point. I, personally don't care about tags but i could understand that for others tags are more important then a prefix. From what I've read in the forums, a lot of people are requesting this feature... to be continued :)
  5. if the private chat option makes it for the new version, PLEASE , make it so private chat windows are opened in tabs and not pop-up windows... i've tested many, MANY chat systems I and really hate it when there was pop-up windows all over the place instead of tabs in the same window... just my two cents...
  6. i've checked... i don't see it... maybe i'm missed it... great example. i've found a mod but it only works for version 2.3... :(
  7. probably this has already been requested, but, here it goes, one more time... :) We have 'Topic Title', 'Topic Description'... i think it's time to do a 'Topic prefix' I'm preparing to switch from VB to IPB and this is one of those feature that i'm really going to miss... so much that i'm still a little bit hesitant to switch. My customers use it A LOT and they probably will hate it that it's not there anymore.... if there's a mod, that would be great!
  8. I just had an idea and want it to share it... how about updating the way a user selects a language... the way it is right now, looks old fashioned... here's what i mean: looks more 2.0 :)
  9. I forgot to mention that i also use a lot "Find My Content" to revise some of my replies. At night, sometimes, i like to revise and read some of my messages that i wrote during the day. Because "Find My Content" is order by last post information by default, it's easier to revise or read my last messages that i have written during the day....
  10. I've noticed that it was added to the menu...probably for testing purposes in the BETA version... Love it! One thing that i can't live without is the 'View new content' and who replied to my post/topic. For "View New Content", it's pretty obvious were to click. For finding out who replied or added content to my topic/posts, i usually go to my profile, click "Find my content" and then look at the icon to see if there is new unread posts... it's easier then subscribing to my own posts/topics just to see who replied or added new content. I also agree that to much items on the menu defeats the purpose. I personally don't care about the menu "Manage Ignored Users". That beeing said, i Hope that "My content" makes it to the final version of 3.1. Thanks for listening.
  11. I didn't no there was such a hook that displayed, the number of users chatting, at the top, near the CHAT menu... I also suggested something similar but more fancier :) [url="
  12. it took my a long time to realize where it was... By the way, here's another feature i would love to see in the final 3.1:
  13. I think that the there should be a link to "My content" in the Log in/Log off menu (top right side). There's a link to My Gallery and My Blog... what about My Content?
  14. I personally don't like the idea of a global window for chatting. If it makes it in a future version, at the very least, there should be an option to disable it.
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