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  1. Download: (SOS33) Enhanced Member Edit

    I seemed to have found an apparent conflict between -RAW33- Songs In Profile and the hook (SOS33) Enhanced Member Edit 2.1.2 When both hooks are enabled whatever changes I make in the Profile Song fields are not saved. I'll post this in both support topics.
  2. Songs In Profile

    I seemed to have found an apparent conflict between -RAW33- Songs In Profile and the hook (SOS33) Enhanced Member Edit 2.1.2 When both hooks are enabled whatever changes I make in the Profile Song fields are not saved. I'll post this in both support topics.
  3. [HQ] Full Inbox Notification

    Is this hook compatible with V3.3.x ?
  4. After over 4 years running the site with over 18,000 Members and 150,000 Posts, it would help us greatly to have the Report Center added to the Advanced Search Form. Maybe something like, this? We now have just over 800 Reports archived in the Report Center along with countless replies added to each by the Add Comment tab to go through. Having the ability to use the Search Form would be a very big help and a much needed tool to add to IP Board for our Staff here. Thank You!
  5. Download: AddonChat Chat Room Integration

    You are talking about this error while running the ACP Diagnostics > Overview > Database Checker where I get back... ...I've seen this "error" since AddonChat created this application to intergrate their service with IP Board. As to trying to fix this "problem" I tried both clicking on the Click here to fix this table and run the queries manually, but running the IPB Database Checker after came back with these tables fixed but showing errors on several other tables in the db. You are correct that the errors in the ibf_addonchat_* tables never seemed to cause any real problems with the Chat integration. The best thing I learned to do with this is, to do nothing......if it's not broke.... ;)
  6. Download: AddonChat Chat Room Integration

    I've been running IP Board and using your AddonChat service for some time and this application worked just fine up to IPB v3.1.4. I just upgraded to IPB v3.3.4 and now notice a problem accessing the settings for the application: The AddonChat System Settings all appear to be available through the IPB ACP... However when I go to User Group Settings and the AddonChat tab, none of the settings are shown... Not sure if this has been reported before, but it appears your app needs an update to be compatible with IPB v3.3.4. BTW I'm able to make changes if needed by using phpMyAdmin and tweak what I want that way, but it would be nice to do this from the ACP......thanks! SIDENOTE: This "option" never appeared in any of the AddonChat settings through the ACP, or at least I could never find it, but I did find a row setting in the DB that is called addonchat_login_cloaked in the ibf_groups table. Be nice to include that setting in the AddonChat User Group Settings.... just a thought.
  7. (DP30) Sigs Approver

    I've not seen any replies to this thread on how to uninstall this third party app. I installed (DP30) Sigs Approver v1.0.0 way back on October 9, 2010 with IP Board V 3.1.4 and never got this to work (I see that Tony W could not get to work with IP Board V3.1.1) and after I could not get this thing to uninstall properly. It is still on my Installed Applications / Third Party Add Ons list and is currently Disabled X Has anyone been able to uninstall this app through the ACP or by other methods? Been a very long time since I did an update on IP Board and want this removed before I try upgrading......I'm still on IP Board V3.1.4 Thanks!
  8. [HQ] Topic Starter Info

    The hook seem to install correctly and I do see the entry.. dp3_tsi_txt <li class='title'><span style='font-weight:bold; color:green;'>Topic Starter</span></li> ...in the forums/public topics word pack, but the Topic Starter seems not to display. I'm using IPB v3.1.4 and Clean Cut Skin v3.1.1
  9. Display Name Tracker

    I just installed Display Name Tracker v1.0.0 and it seemed to install o.k. I went and changed the user login username (which is also the display name) editing the user from the ACP of one of my "test users" from mooch to moocher. I then clicked the My Apps tab and selected the (IM) Display Name Tracker and this is what I saw in the log entry... ...but what I can see from this log entry, it does not tell me what the username was before the change. I have in the Tools & Settings > System Settings > Members > Username Restrictions the Allow "Display Names" option set to No... Since I do not allow separate display names to be used that are different than the user login names (the login name is also the user display name) is this the reason the Display Name Tracker does not show the "Changed From" username correctly? Thanks in advance for your reply!
  10. Members Online Today

    I just received the email notification that the file was updated earlier this morning, but looking at... http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/2034-im-members-online-today-102/ ...this new IPS Marketplace format seems to be missing the notes that usually tell what the upgrade/changes/bug-fixes are for the updated file.
  11. [HQ] Toggle Visibility

    Just made the change to that template and it works just fine now.....Thank You! :)
  12. [HQ] Toggle Visibility

    I have this installed in IPB 3.1.2 and with the IP Board skin things look good but in the skinset Clean Cut Skin 3.1.1 I see this... ...this is what I see using IE8 v.8.0.60001.18943. I was also told by Staff that access the Forum using Firefox on the left where it says Siggned in as... instead of their own username that full line would read Siggned in as #username#. The hook itself seems to work, just appears to be some tweaking to do in the Clean Cut 3.1.1 skinset settings or the hook itself? BTW Thank You for this mod! :ahappy:
  13. Checking out the Status Box....

  14. I only just upgraded to v3.0.5 from v.2.3.6 and not checked out how v3.x.x of the payment gateway works (I assume it's basically the same) but I do recall there is an option for the user to cancel the current subscription they have themselves and then subscribe to another package or even upgrade their current package they are subscribed to. Some of these options may only be available depending on which payment gateway you use. Hopefully someone that really knows what they are talking about will give you a reply here.