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    Ramsesx reacted to tsdevelopment for a file, (itzknotty) social network widgets   
    What is it?
    Itzknotty is a small application that brings several widgets with it to display your tweets from twitter or posts from your facebook pages / groups:
    A widget to display the latest posts of a configured facebook page A widget to display the latest live stream of a configured facebook page. The livestream widget will only be displayed if there are users viewing the stream at the moment. A widget to display the tweets of a configured twitter page There is also a page...
    ...that shows the complete activity stream of the configured facebook page. The user can click on a button to load the next activity items from the facebook page. ...that shows the last Instagram posts of your configured account. Configure the application (Facebook)
    Go to the admin control panel of your site and login with your account. Go to Community > Itzknotty > Settings Select the tab for the facebook settings Fill in your data:
      Facebook Pagename
    The name of the page you want retrieve data from (https://www.facebook.com/your-pagename). You could also insert the id of a group or other endpoints that support the "feed" configuration. But: the data must be public accessable!
      Facebook App ID
    The app id of your application. For further information how to create an app scroll down.
      Facebook App Secret
    The secret of your application.
      Facebook Access Token
    Since Facebook updated their API it is not enough to get data with the app ID and the App Secret. So you must generate your own access token. See this tutorial to generate a never expiring access token (costs 10 minutes of your time): https://stackoverflow.com/questions/17197970/facebook-permanent-page-access-token/28418469#28418469
      Place the widgets you prefere to your board.

      Add a link to the complete stream if you want:

    How to create a Facebook application to access data of your page
    You need an active Facebook account to create an app.
    Go to https://developers.facebook.com/apps/ and make sure you are logged in with your preferred account. Click the button "Add a new App" And fill in the information for Display Name, Contact Email and choose Apps for Pages as category.

      Click on Create App ID and confirm the security check to proceed. Navigate to the Settings page in the left navigation bar. Copy your App ID and your App Secret and insert both in your admin control panel.

    Everything should work now.
    Configure the application (Twitter)
    Go to the admin control panel of your site and login with your account. Go to Community > Itzknotty > Settings Select the tab for the twitter settings Fill in your data you can get from your twitter application. Place the widgets you prefere to your board. How to create a Twitter application to access data of your page
    You need an active Twitter account to create an app.
    Go to https://dev.twitter.com/ and make sure you are logged in with your preferred account. Click the button "My Apps" and "Create new app" Fill in the details and accept the Developer Agreement. Choose "read permissions" only to be more secure. You do not need write permission for the application. You can copy & paste your data from there Configure the application (Instagram)
    Go to the admin control panel of your site and login with your account. Go to Community > Itzknotty > Settings Select the tab for the Instagram settings Fill in your data you can get from your Facebook application. Insagram uses the Facebook Graph API. So you can follow the guide to configure your Facebook page from above. But make sure your access token also has the right to read data from instagram (instagram_basic_data). Place the widgets you prefere to your board. Link the All activity page in your menu.
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    Ramsesx reacted to ReyDev for a file, Story   
    Story app
    Vala Story is an app that allows members to share their moments, interests, joys, portfolios, etc. with others through images and videos by allowed formats on your board and make them more interactive with title and link.
    Demo and Showcase: http://ips.valacoding.com/index.php?/calendar/ 

    Vala Story has a powerful ACP settings and tons of customization options and member settings as well. let's take a look :
    ACP Options :
    Main Settings: Select story type [ Image / Video / External video / External image0] Set daily number of submit story Show stories from x days ago Set maximum stories to show Specify allowed image formats Specify image file size Specify allowed video formats Specify video file size Set duration of the story show time Set maximum image story Height/Width' Set menu item icon
    Permission Settings Allow groups to submit Allow groups to view Allow groups to delete a story Allow groups to share again a story Allow groups to change status of a story
    Submit Form Settings Allow members to set the appearing time of a story Allow members to insert title for a story Allow members to insert link for a story Allow members to use external link instead of uploading file
    Default Widget Settings (Each widget can use the default or its own custom settings) Select skin (SnapGram, FaceSnap, SnapMessenger and Custom) Use last story image as avatar Show stories as a list Enable open effect Enable cube effect Enable Auto full screen Enable Pagination arrows Enable Back button Enable Back native Enable Previous tap Enable seen mod (seen stories are displayed with opacity)
    General Style Seen item opacity Story viewer background Story viewer font color Title font color Title background color
    Carousel Display Settings (shows stories as a slideshow) Space between elements Enable carousel navbar Enable loop Enable lazy load Enable autoplay Set autoplay timeout Enable auto play hover pause
    Skin Style 3 predefined skins (SnapGram, FaceSnap, SnapMessenger) Custom Skin Change border color of each skin Change font color of each skin
    Size Settings (size of show box) Media size type (Cover, Contain, Fill) Desktop width/height Mobile devices width/height
    ACP Stories Setting Disable/Enable member status Admit/Ban member Add the stories to featured list (use this option in fetching data) Remove member stories (all stories) Share again a story of members Disable/Enable a story of specific member Remove a story of specific member
    Members Options
    Add/Delete/Disable/Re-share a story Specify which group can view their stories (All visitors, Only members) Enable/Disable their status
    Member Submit Form

    Widget Types
    Showing all member Showing followers stories Showing following stories  Show stories for each member in the profile page 
    Widget Options
    Add title Enable member add story button on widget's title bar (left side) Specify number of stories to show Select featured stories  Sort by last updated (Ascending, Descending) Widget max-height (auto, X pixel) Items display direction (Row-carousel mode, Column-list mode) Custom carousel setting (use this for customization of the default setting) Story Settings (Default, Custom) (you can change the default setting for each widget)
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    Ramsesx reacted to aXenDev for a file, (aXen) Last activity in Hovercard   
    Converts the current value of hovercard activity to real time along with its last activity.
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    Ramsesx reacted to opentype for a file, Enhanced Member Widgets   
    This plugin adds two widgets to your website, which improve the core widgets “Who is online” and “Recently Browsing” through a new design. The members are not only shown with their username, but also with their avatar. 
    Available global settings:
    Widget background: normal or light Maximum number of avatar images to show Notes:
    Works with any installation of the Invision Community as it is based on core widgets. Access permissions are respected. If member profiles cannot be accessed by guests for example, the profile links will also be suppressed for the avatars. Caching works just as with the original core widgets. With longer caching times for blocks, the Recently Browsing widget might not work well, as it will not show the data in real time. 
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    Ramsesx reacted to aXenDev for a file, (aXen) Secondary Groups Indicator   
    The plugin show secondary groups on website in:
    Topics Hovercard Profile Search
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    Ramsesx reacted to Sonya* for a file, FX Documentation   
    Attention! Pages application must be installed to use this database.
    FX Documentation is a ready-to-use database to manage any kind of documentation within your community. 
    Database setup with all settings for a quick start Page for the database with custom CSS and JS scripts Custom database fields, like menu title or position Custom templates for displaying records or listings Custom template for sidebar menu built from categories and records Page Builder Page with all required blocks Menu entry for front navigation TOC (Table of contents) from h2-h6 heading within a record Image ALT-Tag is displayed as visible caption below the image Friendly mobile view to show the sidebar menu below the main content Default record and categories 
    This app installs a new database within the Pages application of IPS. The database, categories, templates, blocks, translation and all other default elements of Pages are customizable as usual. It's up to you to change page URL, add new fields, change position of the fields, adjust the views, set the permissions, enable or disable comments / reviews and so on.
    Can I create such database without this app?
    Absolutely, yes. If you have some knowledge of HTML, CSS, JS, PHP, SQL and IPS coding, you will be able to reproduce the database within some hours. Just create a database, required fields, go through all settings, create a page, custom templates for the page, record display, listing view and sidebar menu. Include your custom CSS and JS. Add some PHP hooks to handle cache or to have additional features. However, this app is a time saver even if you can.
    Is there a demo?
    Yes. See how it looks like on our demo page. If you register, you can use a test category to add/create/edit records.
    What happens if I uninstall the app?
    The database and all the data are yours and will not be removed. Templates, CSS, JS will remain, but will not be updated if a new version of this app is released. Some features like cache handling for blocks will be removed as they are part of the app. 
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    Ramsesx reacted to aXenDev for a file, (aXen) Vacation   
    The application introduces an automatic vacation system with the following functions:
    User distinction in the form of an icon next to the nickname, A message in the profiles informing about the user's vacation, User settings: Vacation from X to X, Reasons for vacation, Hiding the reasons from others Settings AdminCP: Protection against taking another vacation after X days, Possibility to exclude selected groups from vacation system, Protection against taking a vacation for more than X days List of all vacation users in ModCP with filters and sorting, Changes to the icon next to the nickname, Own item limit in the tables, Displaying vacation information of users in private messages, Support for (aXen) Font Awesome 5 in IPS, Cleanup archive task
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    Ramsesx reacted to Michael.J for a file, Secondary Group Display   
    Display a members secondary groups in select locations throughout the forum. Including topic, hovercard and profile view. Select which secondary groups display and the order in which they display. Features
    Display a members secondary groups in the post row, hovercard and profile. Select which secondary groups are displayed and the order they are displayed. Enable group formatting for all instances of secondary groups. Keep up to date with DevFuse mod development and releases.

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    Ramsesx reacted to shahed for a file, Pages Legend Magazine   
    Legend Magazine is a series of Advanced Templates designed for IPS Pages App. This templates are accompanied with a powerful plugin, gives many customization, styles and re-orientation choices for these templates. Legend Magazine Templates can be assigned to already exist or newly created Database within IPS Pages app.
    Key Feature:
    Ajax Page Load. allows users to quickly navigate between in-database Pages back and forth. Magazine Look and Neat Design with many customization freedom for Database(Show article)/Database(Show categories)/Category/Display Article view of your database. Great for Content oriented databases like Articles, News ... Custom navigation bar at the top. allows to have constant access to every useful options in each page. Custom sidebar at the left, can be open/close by user. Sidebar have items like User menu, Links to all categories within a database. with plugin setting, it is possible to add more links as well. Database and Category each one have Two different "Theme" can be choose in Plugin setting. each theme also come with it's own style customization. Display article view also come with Three different theme. more importantly it's possible to change every article theme right through article submit/edit form. with this optional feature, authors can assign one of these three theme to article when they want to send /or/ edit an already exist article. Support Color scheme of IPS Default/Custom themes. gives freedom to admin to use their own theme color scheme (useful for multi-color communities) or use Legend Magazine Plugin for completely custom color scheme. Auto language detect for support RTL communities  

    IPS Pages 4.5, IPS Pages 4.6  
    More Pages app templates
    Legend News Legend Articles Legend Blocks Legend Profiles
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    Ramsesx reacted to All Astronauts for a file, Pages ACP Append Field and Category IDs   
    Those of you doing serious custom work or jumping into other clients Pages installations to design, patch, change things in templates - especially heavily customized forms - probably want easy access to the database field id numbers.
    Here you go.
    Version 2 adds in database category IDs as well. 
    Just as useful.
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    Ramsesx reacted to ReyDev for a file, Advanced Widget Settings   
    Advanced Widget Settings adds advanced options to the widget settings. You can control all widgets to display for a specific group, specific members, specific date and specific URLs.
    Suppose you want to:
    Display a widget for a specific user group. Display a widget at a specific date range Disable displaying a widget on a specific date Start displaying a widget on a specific date. Display a widget in a specific URL. Display a widget in a specific URL and its sub-links. When the widget is off, display custom content instead (using the IPS editor) This app does it for you and works on all widgets (3rd-party and the IPS widgets).
    Enter specific URLs, so that the widget is displayed only in those URLs.

    Demo : http://ips.valacoding.com/index.php?/topic/12-bebop-publishing-will-release-a-limited-edition-of-justice/&tab=comments#comment-12
    Note that some widgets use the cache system. In this case, you must disable the cache with this option to access the current URL. Enabling this option may reduce performance on large boards. Use this option when your widget does not work properly in the settings you specify.

    Specify members so that the widget is displayed only to those members


    Specify the date range to display the widget on that date.

    Demo: http://ips.valacoding.com/index.php?/leaderboard/

    Specify user groups to be displayed only for those groups

    Demo: http://ips.valacoding.com/index.php?/leaderboard/

    You can also display a text you created with the editor instead of the widget when the widget is disabled. [MULTILANGUAGE]

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    Ramsesx reacted to Nathan Explosion for a file, (NE) Custom Field Placeholders   
    How to use (NE) Custom Field Placeholders
    The following information is provided to assist you with using the application - if you need assistance then post in the application's support topic and provide an indication of what field it is that you want to configure
    What is a 'Placeholder'?
    A placeholder is used to display a textual hint which describes what should be entered in to an input field, and is displayed when the field is empty. As the user enters content in to the field, the placeholder disappears from view.
    What fields in the IPS Community Suite support this?
    Some fields added by developers using the IPS 'Form Helper' functionality (i.e. the majority of fields) can support this attribute. These are:
    Text Email Password Search Tel Url TextArea (see Note #1 at the base of these instructions) Key/Value How to configure a placeholder?
    It is not possible for a list of all fields in the IPS Community Suite to be collated together in a nice and simple configuration page - configuration is going to require you to get hands-on with figuring out information about the input field which you want to affect.
    How do I do this?
    Most browsers now have an 'Inspect Element' option to determine information about a HTML element. It is this functionality which will be used to obtain the information needed to configure a placeholder for a field. Firstly, you need to determine the ID of the field which you want to affect as follows:
    Right click on your chosen input field Click on 'Inspect Element' Your browser will display the HTML code for the page, focussing on your chosen item The 'id' information is what is needed here. It will begin with one of the following: elInput_ elTextarea_ Note the 'id' information for the field and discard the 'elInput_' or 'elTextarea_' to retrieve the id which can be used to target the field with a new placeholder Example - getting the ID of the main title field on the 'New Topic' form in the Forums application
    The HTML code for the field is: <input type="text" name="topic_title" value="" id="elInput_topic_title" aria-required="true" maxlength="255"> The 'id' for the field is elInput_topic_title We discard the elInput_ from the id to give topic_title
    Create a new placeholder in the application
    Click on 'Add placeholder' Enter the id information e.g. topic_title Enter the text which you would like to display in the field Click Save Go and take a look at the result Notes
    "TextArea" does not mean "Editor" the editor fields on IPS are provided using CKEditor, which has its own 'Placeholder' functionality using a CKEditor plugin and requires additional configuration. This functionality is entirely outside of the scope of this application. If a developer has already added a placeholder to a field then this application will not replace it - the chances are that they have implemented a language string for the placeholder, so if you wish to change the text displayed in an existing input field then search for it in your Languages.
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    Ramsesx reacted to Nathan Explosion for a file, (NE) browser-update.org integration (FREE)   
    A free plugin which will allow you to utilise the functionality provided by https://browser-update.org/
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    Ramsesx reacted to Miss_B for a file, Wall of Fame -Top Topics/Member /Forums /Moderators   
    This app will add a Fame Wall page in your forum containing 4 links displaying your forum 's top topics, top members, top forums and top moderators. Each section will display a graphic/pie chart as well.
    Top Topics Section
    Most Viewed Topics. Most Replied Topics. Most Liked Content Topics. Pinned Topics. Featured Topics. Solved Topics Top Topics Settings
    Viewing Groups. Members of the selected group(s) will be able to view Top Topics in the Wall of Fame. Number to show. This controls the number of topics that will be displayed. Excluded Forums. Topics belonging to the selected forums will be excluded from showing up at Top Topics section in the Wall of Fame. Permissions are respected. Meaning that members will see only those topics that they are supposed to.  Top Members Section
    Today 's Top Posters. Overall Top Posters. Top Topic Starters. Most Liked Members. Most Viewed Members. Most Solved Members. Top Members Settings
    Viewing Groups. Members of the selected group(s) will be able to view Top Members in the Wall of Fame. Number to show. This controls the number of members that will be displayed. Excluded Groups. Members of the selected groups will be excluded from showing up at Top Members section in the Wall of Fame. Top Forums Section
    Forums With Most Topics. Forums With Most Posts. Top Forums Settings
    Viewing Groups. Members of the selected group(s) will be able to view Top Forums in the Wall of Fame. Number to show. This controls the number of forums that will be displayed. Excluded Forums. Selected forum(s) will be excluded from showing up at Top Forums section in the Wall of Fame. Permissions are respected. Meaning that members will see only those forums that they are supposed to. Top Moderators
    Gave Most Warnings Deleted Most Content Moderated Most Content Locked Most Content Pinned Most Content Featured Most Content Top Moderators Settings
    Viewing Groups. Members of the selected groups will be able to view Top Moderators in the Wall of Fame. Number to show. This controls the number of members that will be displayed. Excluded Groups. Members of the selected groups will be excluded from showing up at Top Moderators section in the Wall of Fame.
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    Ramsesx reacted to A Zayed for a file, Floating Action Button   
    This app will add a fixed floating action button to the desired area in the page with multiple actions that will appear on hover/click.
    App features:
    Group permissions. Enable/disable button on mobile/tablet view. 4 Toggle styles (Slide-in, slide-in spring, zoom in, fountain). 4 Button positions (Bottom right, bottom left, top right, bottom left). 2 Toggle actions (Click, hover). Buttons color and main icon style (Font-awesome). Setting to control URL click behavior (Open URL in new tab or in the same page). Setting to hide/show URL title by default. You can add up to 10 child icons (You can set the icon, url and title to whatever you want). Demo video (4 toggle styles in action):
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    Ramsesx reacted to Sonya* for a file, Custom Errors   
    This application allows creating custom 404 (Not found) or 403 (No permissions) pages.
    Enable / disable per error type Choose groups to show the custom error page to Translatable custom title Custom image Translatable custom message (WYSIWYG editor) (Optionally) Show search form on 404 (Not found) page (Optionally) Show "Our picks" block on 404 (Not found) page (Optionally) Show "Sign in/Sign up" block on 403 (No permissions) page Enable logs to track error pages views and URLs Set pruning timeframe for the log history
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    Ramsesx reacted to Miss_B for a file, Hide Ignored Content Completly   
    This plugin will hide completely the contents of the ignored members. i.e. when a member ignores another member and selects the Posts options, the content of the posts and topics of the ignored member(s) will be hidden completely from the forum for that member. The same goes in the Activity Feed page, Search Results and ignored members profiles. Also, the name of the ignored member will not show as the last poster either in the topic listing or forum listing.
    There are no settings for this plugin btw. After you install it, the hidden content of the ignored members will be done automatically.
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    Ramsesx reacted to Martin A. for a file, Community Map   
    Community Map (formerly known as Member Map) is an application that allows your users to put their exact or approximate location onto an interactive map.  Create unlimited markers and map out the world!  

    Community Map is the same as Member Map, but updated for 4.5+ compatibility.  
    If you like this app, a review would be much appreciated!

    Create unlimited marker groups with unlimited markers for member meet-ups, exhibits, landmarks, highlights, shops, or other geographic listings. Maps can overlap in a global map.    Administrator can control what member groups are allowed to post to map Import markers from Google Earth using .kml or .kmz file Integrates with Clubs. Shows club members on a dedicated club map, and the club location is shown on the global map. Integrates with Member's Country where it'll update your member's flags when the map location is added or edited. (In 1.3) Show Gallery images (as of 1.3), Calendar events, Calendar venues, and Page records address on the map
    Notes for 4.5 
    Community Map is the IPS 4.5+ version of Member Map from the same author. Member Map have been with us since the early days of the IP.Board 3 series, and over the decade has evolved to show more than just members on the map. This seemed like the perfect time to change to a new name!  (Also, the ACP Marketplace forced us too.)

    Upgrading from Member Map
    If you're upgrading from Member Map you'll be presented with a import tool the first time you visit any of the ACP pages for this app. This page will only be forced on you once, after this you'll find it as a button on top of the settings page. If you choose to use Community Map before you import you should note that all content in Community Map will be deleted prior to the import.

    For developers
    If you are a developer and you store location data in your app that you'd like to show on the map, you can now do so by creating a communitymap/Mapmarker extension. Instruction on how to use it is included in the auto-generated file. Contact me for more details if you haven't purchased this file.
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    Ramsesx reacted to CoffeeCake for a file, Show Edit and Report Links Under Posts & Comments   
    This simple plugin puts an edit and report link at the bottom of posts and comments, while retaining the same links in the new ellipsis menu for those unafraid of change. This is intended to work with the default IPS 4.5 theme. If you have a custom theme installed, your millage may vary.
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    Ramsesx reacted to Adriano Faria for a file, Gallery Images Tab on User Profile   
    This resource will create a new tab on user profile to display all images posted by the user, regardless they're in any albums.
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    Ramsesx reacted to Nathan Explosion for a file, (NE) Add 'Preview' button (for IPS 4.5/4.6 only)   
    Plugin which will display a 'Preview' button below the editor on the comment form and/or the 'New Topic' form in Forums. This button will invoke the existing preview functionality provided by IPS via a button in the Editor toolbar Background:

    This is the IPS 4.5/4.6 compatible version of the following plugin - to 'upgrade', uninstall the older version and then install the newer version.

    In the interests of transparency:

    If & when a later version of the IPS suite is released, a new paid version of this plugin will be made available in the unlikely event that it is required


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    Ramsesx reacted to shahed for a file, Pages Legend Articles   
    Legend Grid Articles Is a Page-App-Templates Suite for Database, Listings and display pages. this version is created for IPS 4.5 only as just one plugin. can be install through ACP > System > Site Features > Plugins. after installation, Templates also will be added to Pages app templates. for 4.4 version, please send PM after purchase.
    Note: Usage of this product REQUIRED "Pages Application" from Invision.
    Note: This version exclusively created for IPS 4.5 // for 4.4 version, please send PM after purchase.
    FrontPage Demo / Listing Demo / Article Demo

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    Ramsesx reacted to Nathan Explosion for a file, (NE) New member awareness   
    Forum plugin which allows you to bring awareness to new members and then display a message to other members
    criteria used is member group and content count message is configurable as follows: message can be displayed inline within the post content, either above or below that content or message can be displayed inline above or below the post container itself and/or a message can also be displayed above or below the topic content itself message uses rich-text editor, so can contain links etc. if you wish message can be enclosed within an 'ipsmessage' box if you wish, with further personal customisation possible via the .neNewMemberIpsMessage theme template or you can style the message's container yourself using the rich-text editor and/or the provided neNewMemberNonIpsMessage theme template message is not displayed to Guests, nor is it displayed to the author of a post if that author meets the criteria put in place Plugin made based on this request
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    Ramsesx reacted to Walrusking for a file, Display Secondary User Groups   
    This application will allow you to display all groups that a user is in on their posts/hovercard/profile.

    Displays all groups on forums posts Displays all groups on users profiles Displays all groups on users hovercards Block certain groups from displaying - Note: Does not affect primary group Show group icons on forum posts/profiles if enabled 1 Time Purchase
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    Ramsesx reacted to KuzyT for a file, Awards   
    Simple application for rewarding members. In current version can't auto-reward members, or hide awards from some groups, so if you want this features - you can see others awards application (after I made it, I see that there're already exists iAwards and Trophies and Medals here in marketplace). I made it special for my community, so it may looks something strange, but I could change something by request.
    Categories and Types creation, when someone can reward members with selected type award Admin CP restrictions for managing settings, types, categories and awards Moderator restrictions for rewarding members (as usual, could be set to group or single member) and autoconfirm rewarding Awards confirming. If not confirmed, noone could see award Notifications - internal and emails. Only for confirmed awards (after first time it set to "confirmed") Multilanguage awards settings - you could set own titles and descriptions for every community language Display last awards in topics and profiles under photo - you could disable it in settings Display in activity as other events P.S. I'm working with IPB for 15 years, but it is my first published app. I will be glad to receive feedback 😃
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