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  1. BlueBoh IPBV4

    ​No not at the top. I'm talking about the multiple pages on a thread.
  2. BlueBoh IPBV4

    ​I'm talking about on the new content page when you have multiple pages on the index.
  3. BlueBoh IPBV4

    Also the status feed is unreadable. The text is white on a white background when looking at a profile and seeing the status update feed.
  4. FantasyBeast

    What was this supposed to be?
  5. BlueBoh IPBV4

    The page numbers in the index also need to be adjusted to the white text.
  6. (DDK33) Quote Selected Text

    Any plans to update this for version 4?
  7. Sports Pick 'Ems Application

    I also got the header errors when I added some open games to the list. I'm not sure what the issue is: I've recached themes and the variables.
  8. Youtube Videos In Profile

    Can you post the edit? I seem to be having problems with playlists showing.
  9. Songs In Profile

    Hey Raw I put together this manual code for adding playlists to a profile using custom fields. It incorporates playlist.com and mixpod playlists http://community.invisionpower.com/topic/300360-music-in-profile/page__p__1887953__fromsearch__1#entry1887953 Check my posts on the thread. Perhaps you can make sense of it and edit it into the mod?
  10. Media Tag - Scribd

    Doesn't seem to be working for me
  11. Will my plan for learning IP Board work?

    The smilies you could also use just by copying the files over from your smiley directory to the smiley directory on IPB. You can also do the same with your gallery avatars. I remember when I upgraded from PHPBB a fair amount of my information was able to transfer over
  12. i guess wolfie gave up on this?
  13. Download: Media Tag - The Onion 1.0

    Hmm I haven't tried rebuilding yet ill try it out
  14. Download: Media Tag - The Onion 1.0

    The link to the video? http://www.theonion.com/video/cias-facebook-program-dramatically-cut-agencys-cos,19753/ I assumed I could just copy and paste that link above into the media box and it would work. Same thing happens with the ign video tag
  15. Download: Media Tag - The Onion 1.0

    How do I use this? I tried putting the link into the media tag and it just posts the link