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  1. Thanks for the anwser. This is exactly what I was looking for Cheers, Ki Schou
  2. Hey there - Is there some way to "unforce" it if I accidently pushed the "force members" button? Best regards
  3. IPS slow response times

    Hi IPS I have my own server in a fast stable server environment. I have just installed the newest version of the IPS Community Suite 4.0 (just as a test site) with the exact same setup. I experience slower performance in general with the new 4.0. I and experience noticeably slower perforance with large topics. Do you still work on the performance issues?? - I really like the new flat responsive layout. But I can not allow the forum to be slower. Thanks In advance Ki
  4. IPS Community Suite 4.0

    Thanks guys - i'm really looking forward to implant this new responsive version of the forum on my website
  5. IPS Community Suite 4.0

    Hi IPS When can we expect a FINAL relese of the IPS Community Suite 4.0. When are the BETA fase over? Can you give any estimates? Best Regards, Ki
  6. Its hard modding ;o)