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IPS Community Suite 4.1 Update

We have had IPS Community Suite 4.1 running on our own community site for several weeks now and are very happy with how it's taking shape. All the feedback has been very helpful and we have made many refinements to the new features and are looking forward to seeing what everyone does with them.

The first two public betas have gone very well with no major bugs - just the normal sort of issues you expect to see in a large update. In fact, the betas have gone so well that we have actually fixed more bugs leftover from 4.0 than have been reported for 4.1!

We originally planned on releasing 4.1 later this week but have decide to delay the release until the end of October so we have a couple more weeks to do more betas and further refine this release. Version 4.1 not only introduces many features but it also includes many low-level changes to enhance performance and be more robust with error handling. We have been very happy with the pace that we are implementing fixes and enhancements so we want to keep that up and think just a couple weeks of delay is well worth it for all.

If you are interested in helping to test beta releases they are now available in the client area. Just keep in mind we do not provide support for betas and you cannot upgrade from beta to the final release. They should only be on test copies.

Thank you for all the feedback! We are excited for 4.1 and know that a lot of you are waiting for it with great anticipation.

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