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4.0 - Calendar Stream

IP.Calendar has a few primary important views: the monthly grid view (i.e. a typical calendar table), the weekly view which lists a calendar week and any events occurring during that week, a daily view which lists all events occurring on a given day, and the actual event views where you view details about a specific event. All of these views have their usefulness, however we felt that there was a missing piece to the puzzle. During planning meetings we discussed adding a popular feature request known as an agenda view, which basically lists all events between a given time period (or from a given date forward) and while we liked the idea, we felt we could accomplish the end goal while taking the interface a step further.

The calendar stream

The new "stream" view is what it sounds like - a stream of calendar events listed in order of date, from oldest to newest. This calendar view is based upon a given month and will show all events occurring within that month (including recurring events). You can view the calendar stream for each month individually if you wish, just like you would view the calendar "month" view.

The events are displayed as small blocks of event data.

This is a general idea of what the stream looks like

As you can see, events are listed from oldest to newest in a "stream", i.e. a grid of blocks showing event details. The stream is an option for end users to choose from, and the admin can set it as the default viewing method for Calendar if they wish.


We believe this new stream will accomplish the same end goal an agenda view is designed to accomplish, but in a more robust and stylish manner. We look forward to your feedback on this new enhancement to the calendar product.

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