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Welcome to The Development Channel

Hello everyone!

Us developers are a strange bunch. We have a lot of crazy thoughts that just don't make sense to anyone else. Our brains are wired different. We get from point A to point B by going around point Z and bouncing off point M first. And very few of us (*cough*me exempted*cough*) are able to type up posts that make sense to more than just other developers.

So what are we to do? Keep all of our great thoughts to ourselves? Nonsense. Nevertheless, we cannot flood everyone with the semi-(in)sane ramblings that go on in our heads every day, nor can we bore everyone with discussions of how great our new class structure will be, or how useful the new methods we've just added to x class will turn out.

Introducing The Development Channel

This blog will be a place us developers can write up our thoughts and discuss developer-specific topics. Anyone can follow this blog if they want to. We're not out to have a private exclusive group that only the elite development community can join. Quite the contrary - if you are interested in the sorts of things us developers do on a regular basis or are interested in the future and development of the software, please feel free to follow this blog. We will be talking about new features, minor tweaks and other changes to existing features, code-level improvements (such as class structure, class inheritance, and so on) and even things not related to the software (think: how we do x on our website, or why we chose to approach a problem in a specific way). If any of this is your cup of tea, we hope you enjoy the blog entries to follow. If this is all Greek to you (and you don't speak Greek), then by all means - ignore us. You are certainly free to continue following our official News forum and our official Company Blog, where all the important stuff will get posted.

If you're still here, we hope you enjoy what we have in store. :)

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