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New iOS App Coming Soon

UPDATE: The app is now available!

We are happy to announce that the new version of our iOS app is in the Apple App Store review process now! Once approved, the app will be available for members to enjoy for just $1.99 one time. The new app will work with all IP.Board versions 3.3.2 or newer.

This new version has a native interface, push notifications, iPad support, and multiple community support. Check out this video for a walk through of the new app:


Admin Control

As an administrator you can also upload new image packs for the app to use for the interfaces. You can change colors and such to match your community branding.

Another great option will be admob integration for administrators to monetize users browsing their community through our App. IPS will not get involved or take a cut so it's directly between you and your visitors.

More to come...

IPS is investing in the mobile space and has brought on new staff to continue development in this area. An Android version is in development and will soon follow this release (really it will). We have also opened a new forum for feedback and a bug tracker category so you can report any issues.

Features coming very soon include uploading files on your phone as attachments to posts, images to IP.Gallery, and camera shots directly to IP.Gallery. Future feature ideas include integration with IP.Nexus for on the go customer service, more push notification options, and more fun ideas!

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