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Hosted Communities Update

We made changes today to the way we meter and track data and media storage on our hosted communities. Previously our main limiter for a package was online users. This normally works fine as it's a simple formula of the more people you have online the more server resources your community consumes. However, there are some long-established communities that have been lucky enough to accumulate thousands (sometimes millions) of posts over the years with only a small number of online users. Those types of accounts were causing unfair resource usage when compared to other clients on our system.

To ensure fair resource usage and good service for all of our clients, we will now start counting database storage along with file storage toward the storage quota for our packages. This will ensure that those accounts using more resources are not impacting those with smaller communities unfairly. It's our end goal to ensure all of our clients receive the best service possible.

Increase in Data and File Storage Limits

Of course we do not want these changes to be an unnecessary burden for any client. So, although we will now start counting database storage in our storage quotas, we are also raising our package quotas!

Package Name: Old Limit to New Limit
Starter 5: 200MB to 300MB
Basic 10: 350MB to 700MB
Standard 25: 500MB to 1GB
Plus 40: 800MB to 1.5GB
Super 65: 1GB to 2GB
Ultra 100: 1.5 GB to 3GB
Advanced 175: 2GB to 5GB

These new limits will benefit all our Hosted Communities by giving them lots of room to grow!

Yes, talk of file and data storage space is a dry subject many of you will not be too excited about. But wait there's more:

Overall Network Improvements

After months of planning, countless network diagrams, visits to network provider data centers, waiting on hardware deliveries, and hours of migration planning: IPS has started the process of a network-wide upgrade! Every piece of hardware - from network switches down to the actual server hardware - is in the process of being updated. We are already in the process of transferring client communities to the new hardware. Depending on the nature of your Hosted Community we may be able to do this with no intervention on your part. If we do need your assistance we will contact you.

Those of our who choose to take advantage of our Hosted Communities will see noticeable improvements in the speed and reliability of your community. Even if you do not host your community with IPS, our other services such as IP.Chat, Spam Monitoring Service, the license system, client area, company forums, etc. will all be faster and more reliable.

We are very excited to be starting this upgrade process and look forward to its completion. It is work that will benefit every IPS client!

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