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IP.Gallery 3.1.0 Preview

Development for the next version of IP.Gallery is well underway and we're excited to tell you about some of the new features you can expect. Please keep in mind that this is only a sample of the new features and not a complete list.

Friendly URLs

Categories, Albums, and images are now integrated into the global IP.Board 3 FURL system.

Category/Album Covers

It is now possible to specify one of the images in a category or album to be the cover of that category or album. If a cover image is specified, it will always be displayed for that category or album, instead of the last image thumbnail.

Sub Albums

Albums now support unlimited sub albums, which work exactly like gallery sub categories.

Profile Picture Album

You can now create a new kind of album, a 'Profile Picture' Album. After this album has been created, any images that you upload to it will be displayed on the change picture page in your User CP, making them easy to select as your profile image.


New Slideshow

The slideshow has been completely redesigned, you can see the new style in the screenshot below:


More to come

We'll have a lot more to show you in the coming weeks, from new features to an improved interface, we hope that you will enjoy this new version!



Recommended Comments

Can't you develop simple Albums gallery like facebook?

This will make thing easier for user and easy to use.

Profile Picture Album
It would be MUCH better to display list of Albums on the Left Bar, please take at look at facebook profile.

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I'd like to see only one feature - PERFORMANCE
I'd like to not see extremelly ammount of UPDATE queries sent to DB.
Also I'd like to see some switch for big boards.
For example - disable counting total ammounts of comments, totall ammount of pictures and so one - it really kills the server when there is about 100k pictures, 200k comments and over 350 categories.
Please focus on this

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@yacenty - the update queries to update image view counts has been changed to honor the IPB "delayed view update" setting. That means that image views will be stored to a temporary table and once an hour the number of views for each image is updated on a delayed fashion (the same way image views in the forums can be delayed).

Other performance changes have been made/are coming, but this one specifically should knock out all those "update images set views=views+1 where id=#" queries you presently see.

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[quote name='benfromaix' date='06 November 2009 - 12:14 AM']

Great improvement.
Please also handle our problem : we have more than 20k albums. The cache system crash because it can't handle a cache with so many albums.
Please continue improving PERFORMANCE.


thanks brandon for every small step in better performance, just now we are struginlig with this problem, but the company that is working on hacking my gallery discovered some ideas how to reallly improve performance of it.
so there is a question - when do You want to show us a new version? Is it matter on mont or maybe quarter or maybe one year?
best regards and whishes all the best

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