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Conversion Services Update

I just wanted to update everyone on our convertor services. We recently updated the convertor information page on our web site to try to clarify some confusion.

Note: There is a free conversion service sale going on right now so just keep in mind that the paid services I mention here do not apply until that sale ends. :)

We have two types of conversion services: free and paid. Our free conversion service is a pack of convertor scripts you can download and upload into your IPB directory. You simply run the convertor and it walks you through the process. As IPB3 is very new only a few free convertors have been made but we are adding more over the next few weeks.

The vBulletin convertor was recently updated so administrators converting from that software will not lose their links from all of their existing topics. This means that search engines or other sites linking to your existing topics will be automatically redirected to the new topic IDs in IPB once converted. We are also now supporting conversion from vBulletin blog and gallery data where applicable. Finally, the SMF free convertor is nearly done and will be made available on the site as soon as it's ready.

We also have a paid conversion service. You can have us convert many database types to IPB for a fee of $60 (including free ones if you prefer to have us do it). The list is on our convertor information page. Again, the $60 fee is waived until sale expires!

If you do not see your software on the list, or you have a custom database that you would like converted, just contact us for a quote.

Thanks everyone!

Update: The SMF free convertor is now available on the web site. Next on the free convertor list is Woltlab.

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