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IP.Board 3.0 Beta Approaching

As announced in our last blog entry, we are working diligently to clean up any problem areas in IP.Board 3.0 and to finish up the admin control panel so that we can deliver a beta release of our software to all of our users before the end of this month.

Things are taking shape nicely. Rikki has the admin control panel nearly finished and we've cleared out hundreds of bug reports since the preview site was first launched. We are very hopeful that by the time everyone has their hands on a beta version of IP.Board 3.0, you'll find all of the biggest potential issues have already been dealt with.

Additionally, the Blog, Gallery and Download Manager applications are coming along nicely as well. All of the application code has been converted, and we're working on skinning these modules so that we can put up previews for you to start testing. Look for the first of these modules to be launched very soon on the preview site so you can begin testing it.

In preparation for the upcoming beta release of IP.Board 3.0, we have put together this script which you can upload to your server in order to test for support of our latest version. Please note the following requirements:

  • PHP v5.1.0 or higher (5.2.0 or higher preferred)
  • MySQL 4.1 or higher (5.0 or higher preferred)
  • SPL, GD2 and libxml2 PHP modules installed
This script will test for everything IP.Board 3.0 requires, except for MySQL. Please consult with your host if you are not sure if you are running MySQL 4.1 or higher.


To use this script:
  • Upload the file to your server somewhere that is web accessible. For example, you can upload the file to your forum root directory where "conf_global.php" is located.
  • Visit the file in your webserver. For instance, visit http://yoursite.com/forums/check_requirements.php (replacing yoursite.com/forums/ with the appropriate domain and path to the script you just uploaded).
  • Verify there are no "FAIL" marks reported. If there are any items that fail the check, you will need to consult with your host about updating your server, moving you to another server that supports all of the requirements for IP.Board 3, or contacting another host that does.
We do not rely on any proprietary modules for PHP, so the majority of our users shouldn't have any problems. :)

We look forward to getting the first beta out so everyone can continue testing the software and the new admin control panel. More information to follow!


Recommended Comments

I already new that my server could handle IP.Board 3.0 excently, but I done the check just to put peace at mind.

Even if it didn't wouldn't need to go to the server admin or host... host my own servers :D

Good job IPS. hope to see IPB 3 soon!

and for those who don't beleive me, go ahead and check your selves at http://connex.fm/check_requirements.php

Just to show off :P and before anyone says about it, I know my PHP needs updating by 1 version lol

IP.Board 3.0 Requirements Checker

Checking minimum version (5.1.0)...Pass

Checking preferred version (5.2.0)...Pass

Checking for SPL...Pass

Checking for DOM XML Handling...Pass

Checking for GD library...Pass

Checking for GD2...Pass

Checking for mysql support...Pass

Checking for JSON...Pass

Please also remember that MySQL 4.1 or higher (MySQL 5.0 or higher preferred) is required for IP.Board 3.0. Ask your server administrator to check the version of MySQL on your server if you are unsure.
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[quote name='OpenWare' date='Dec 15 2008, 10:00 PM']I'm also ready to go, and itching to get a testboard up to let the members of my site have a look.

Same here.... can't wait to have a fiddle around in the coding aswell to try develop my own mods :D

IPB 3 will be no good to me till modifications are available for it, so going to have a go at it my self.

Is there any idea of a rough release date 4 the beta?

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@henke - we can check the client version all day, but it isn't really relevant. MySQL server 4.1 is required - client version doesn't matter (well, I say that, but you know what I mean).

You'd need to enter your MySQL login info to check the server version, so we omitted that check for ease of use. Easier to just fire up cpanel or phpmyadmin.

To those inquiring why MySQL 5 is preferred - it is simply more efficient. Right now we decided not to take advantage of some of it's features (e.g. views) but we may do so at some point in the future. It's a good idea to stay up to date. That said, your site will work fine on MySQL 4.1 - but it won't remain that way forever. :) And just like PHP5 is more efficient than PHP4, MySQL 5 is more efficient than MySQL 4. Just a preference.

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[quote name='! αη∂у яιχση !' date='Dec 16 2008, 08:47 PM'][quote name='bfarber' date='Dec 16 2008, 11:07 PM'][quote name='! αη∂у яιχση !' date='Dec 16 2008, 01:06 PM']how close are we till beta release then

Please see the first post in this topic: http://ipb3preview.ipslink.com/topic/2200/...l-we-see-a-beta

It was a general question on what more needs to do lol

When we have more info on the beta, we'll let you know. Any questions on "when will see the beta" will all be answered the same. Ask Weatherlover what the answer will be, he'll tell you. ;)

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