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IP.Dynamic Development Update

Laurel resting is an activity that is banned at IPS and for good reason.

While Brandon was busy working on the bug reports for IPB 2.2.0 back in the release candidate stages I managed to tick off another bunch of items from the IP.Dynamic to-do list. Here's a round-up of the latest features to be added.

Staff Calendar

We use an online calendar here at IPS to organize ourselves and to schedule meetings and other events and I thought that most other organizations would likely do the same, so it made perfect sense to add one into IP.Dynamic so that you can keep everything within one application.

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Task Manager

Maintaining a website is a large and complex responsibility especially when shared with several other people. Some kind of task manager was a must to help keep staff on track and on schedule.

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Personal Topics

This is like private messages, but better! The private message implementation found at IPB emulaltes the email system. You can PM one member and CC in others. The problem with that, like email, is that there is no real way to have a discussion with more than one person without a lot of copy and pasting.
Enter Personal Topics. They behave in a similar manner to IPB topics with the topic starter becoming the moderator for the topic giving them the power to remove and block members from the topic.

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Content Versioning

Every good CMS must be able to store versions of content and even more importantly roll back to them even when they've been deleted from the content repository. Unfortunately a lot of so-called CMS software doesn't have this functionality.
Fortunately, IP.Dynamic isn't like most other CMS software! IP.Dynamic versions pages, system templates, content templates and content blocks. It's a modular system so one can write ones own modules to add versioning to any area of IP.Dynamic.

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