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New project- external sport board integration

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A brief:

I have a sports tips forum where users open a topic with sports game recommendations, and at the end of the game, they manually mark Lose/win on the topic.

On my forum, a custom app calculates the win/lose mark rate for each user and presents the success rate.

I want to automate the mark/lose part by integrating the topics with an external aspx board.


1. The user manually opens a new topic

2. The user fills in all details manually and publishes the topic.

3. The user manually marks win/lose (mark app), and the rate stat app (custom app) calculates everything automatically.


Change desired:

1. The user manually opens a new topic, and he will be redirected immediately to the existing dynamic board that I will provide. It has all the games and odds of the formal betting center and updates the result automatically - I can give an example of the board in pm.

2. The user chooses several games from the board list, say two games, and presses ADD.

3. After pressing ADD- The user needs to be redirected back to the forum's new topic form with the games he chose inserted into the message. The user can continue writing words as usual. And publish the topic.

4. When the two games ended, the rating system marks imidate win/lose based on the board result

This is at a high level.

Please get in touch with me for more details if someone is interested in this project.

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