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Nitro 2022 - Support Topic

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This is the support topic for Nitro [ Dark & Light ] :


We recommend to register to our site for full support to follow those links :

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  •     https://tectonicpx.com/board [ Here you can find support for our themes & demo for templates ]
  •     If you are a client, send me a pm on https://tectonicpx.com/board [ and you will get acces to client area ]
  • !!! We recommend even if you are a customer or not, to create an account to discover 100% the benefits and appearance of our templates. For customers, updates come faster than here on the market, given the fact that there is no waiting time
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  • Updated for 4.7.4 & 4.7.5
  • Now you can dezactivate colors from customizer 
  • Now you can chose a default color or you can set your own color
  • Now you can dezactivate header backgrounds from customizer
  • Now you can chose a default header background or you can set your own image
  • Fixed responsivness
  • Resolved top menu problems, now working perfect and redesigned a bit the code.
  • Fixed color problems
  • Added cover photo in topic
  • Changed names of colors with an icon
  • Added a button to close the customizer called save [ on the bottom ]
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