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Admin Panel Member List Download with shipping andaddresses.


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Without running a SQL Query in the DB, Is there a way to add something to the AdminCP so that I can include Members/Customers Addresses in my download?


We mail out monthly newsletters to our members and it's a pain to run a query every month.


Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

It will be nice if I can just have one of the mods pull the list from the existing "Download Members List" with an boxes to select "Billing & Shipping" address"



I've used a similar query before, but I want my admins to be able to do this from the CP and not wait for me to run a query ( The query always drop some addresses

SELECT c.member_id, c.cm_first_name, c.cm_last_name, a.address, a.primary_shipping, i.i_status, p.ps_name, p.ps_active, m.email 
FROM ibf_nexus_customers c 
LEFT JOIN ibf_nexus_invoices i ON ( i.i_member = c.member_id ) 
LEFT JOIN ibf_nexus_purchases p ON ( p.ps_member = i.i_id ) 
LEFT JOIN ibf_nexus_ship_orders o ON ( o.o_invoice = i.i_id ) 
LEFT JOIN ibf_members m ON ( m.member_id = i.i_member ) 
LEFT JOIN ibf_pfields_content s ON ( m.member_id = s.member_id ) 
LEFT JOIN ibf_nexus_customer_addresses a ON ( m.member_id = a.member ) 
LEFT JOIN ibf_groups g ON ( g_title = m.member_group_id )


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