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Download: IP.Content Template Editing AJAX-based Save Button


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File Name: IP.Content Template Editing AJAX-based Save Button
File Submitter: MotyF2
File Submitted: 15 Oct 2011
File Updated: 01 Apr 2012
File Category: IP.Content Modifications

This button allows you to save templates with AJAX in your IP.Content application, so You don't have to reload page.

It also activates ctrl-s shortcut to save documents so you can edit templates as it works in windows app like notepad.

It works with: CodePress, tinyMCE, CKEditor, EditArea and raw textarea (no-editor option)

Ctrl+S shortcut works with EditArea, CKEditor and raw textarea (no-editor option)

Easy template edit - only 5$ !

03.2012 - full support for IP.Content 2.3

AJAX save button - See the movie.

Click here to download this file
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