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Download: Mega Rank Image Collection -

Echelon One

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File Name: Mega Rank Image Collection -
File Submitter: syrusxl
File Submitted: 06 Jan 2011
File Updated: 10 Jan 2011
File Category: Group Team Icons

The Impressive MEGA Rank Image Collection
Brought to you by Echelon Designers

What so special about these rank images? This is not a standard set, we have put together a huge versatile pack that you can modify to virtually any forum.

So, what are we giving you? A very versatile PSD with many features including all of the following:

Download package contains:

Pre-rendered 14 Rank image Set A fully layered PSD file with: * 16 Colored Button Designs * 20 Rank Names * 10 icons

Pre-rendered XBOX 360 Rank Image Set

1,000 Additional FREE icons to use with these rank images!
But that is not all, you can also use the FAMFAMFAM Silk Icons Pack which is available from here to increase the number of icons you can use with these buttons to 1,000. Yes, that's all FREE and released under the Creaive Commons Attribution License.

Additional icons supplied within the PSD file are designed by Echelon Designers and are also free to use.

Bookmark us Today! Echelon Designers is set to become a huge resource for forum users!

Click here to download this file

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