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Download: rePulp - 3.0.5

Steve H

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File Name: rePulp - 3.0.5
File Submitter: Steve+
File Submitted: 20 May 2010
File Updated: 11 Aug 2010
File Category: Color-Theme Skins

rePulp is a new iteration of the CleanCut skin designed by Ehren @ IPBForumSkins.com

It is a purple themed skin and my first attempt at IP.Board skinning.

As with any first skin I'm sure there will be design/colour issues.

If you find any problems please report them in the discussion thread.

The following mods will be supported so if you find any problems specifically with those areas let me know.


Any other mods will be supported at my discretion.

Also included in the download is the Logo PSD.

I do ask that the skin copyright remains intact. If you would like to remove the copyright please send me a PM for price details.

Click here to download this file

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