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Download: Elegance Dawn Edition


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File Name: Elegance Dawn Edition
File Submitter: Forcize Studios
File Submitted: 06 Oct 2009
File Category: Miscellaneous Skins

After the release of Elegance Second Wave. We decided to use the framework for something else and then... it born Elegance Dawn Edition feature the same features of Elegance Second Wave. But this edition doesn't include any style, heavily optimized, easier for edit. Besides you can download and develop the styles. Only 4 classes need to be edited for customize this powerful framework. Some examples are:

We release 5 styles every friday until we get the 100 styles!.

Note: Membership required for download this

Not enough?
EarthVibes for Invision Power Board is coming on October 07 / 2009

Not enough?
The Ultimate Framework for developers and Terra Nova: Burning Eve are coming soon :)

About the new Upcoming Framework:
ipb2 framework was the best so far at least with small edits you could get a nice designed skin. But ipb3 with the mandatory prototype library's a pain for people that doesn't have to much knowledge, anyway the fix for it is a simple and optimized framework that handle the most important parts of the skins. Elegance Dawn Edition Framework is an example, we developed our EarthVibes skin from IPB2 to IPB3 in just 7 hours, no conflict, cross browser support and very well designed.

The Ultimate Framework (name not releaved yet) have:
* Optimized CSS
* Editable Zones
* JQuery Enabled with (0.00%) conflict with prototype.
* Less HTTP Requests
* 3 Editions: Grid Edition, Fixed Edition, Fluid Edition
* Entire .PSD Layouts GDK.
* Explanation and Samples

About Terra Nova: Burning Eve:
Terra Nova original name was "Javascript Essence" due to the high use of mootools. Suddenly with the switch of IPB3 and the massive conflict with prototype and mootools we were forced to switch from our favorite library to another. So that delayed the release of Terra Nova for IPB3. Then we decided to re-make the skin and develop the absolute Forum 2.0 layout.

Release date of both: Undefined.
Expect release time frame: October 26 / November 14 (2009)

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