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Download: CommunitySEO 1.2.2


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File Name: CommunitySEO 1.2.2
File Submitter: MSLIMITED
File Submitted: 20 Jun 2008
File Category: Modifications

CommunitySEO is fully customizable offering integration capabilities with any third party script. In fact we have a whole forum with user-contributed rules to allow CommunitySEO to rewrite and understand several of the more popular modifications out there. Here's a sampling of some of the bigger features:

* * Supports Invision Power Board versions 2.2.x, and 2.3.x
* * Friendly URL (FURL) support for all IPB pages
* * Custom transliteration support for international users
* * Google Sitemap generator
* * New "Search Engine Spiders" group
* * New "Spider" skin
* * Comprehensive Spider list
* * Improved spider activity logging
* * robots.txt file included
* * Configurable global meta tags
* * Configurable per-forum meta tags
* * Social network integration
* * Acronym expansion
* * Stats inflation
* * Google analytics integration
* * Similar Topics block
* * Linkback/Pingback/Trackback support
* * Ability to block duplicate content from being indexed
* * Ability to specify lofi as alternate content
* * Ability to add nofollow attribute to duplicate content
* * Ability to add nofollow attribute to external links
* * Ability to block error pages from being indexed
* * Ability to redirect spiders to a page from error pages
* * Ability to add many relevant meta tags
* * Add proper 301 headers to redirects
* * Redirect requests of dynamic urls to static urls
* * Redirect invalid static url requests to correct static urls
* * ACP-editable .htaccess and robots.txt
* * Plugin functionality for third-party addons
* * Full support for IP.Blog, IP.Gallery and IP.Downloads IPS addons

Full support via our client center is provided with your license.

The software is ioncube-encoded and requires either ioncube loaders be pre-loaded on your server, or that your server allow them to load at runtime. Please contact us for more information if you are not clear on this. The software will discontinue functioning on your license expiration date unless you purchase a perpetual license.

License costs: $150 for perpetual license, $120 for a yearly license and $60 for 6-month license

Click here to download this file

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