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Download: Streaming MP3 Module 1.0


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File Name: Streaming MP3 Module 1.0
File Submitter: .Mike
File Submitted: 21 Dec 2005
File Category: Modifications

NOTE: Installation instructions in docs/index.htm

Streaming MP3 Module 1.0

Release Information
Modification Name: Streaming MP3 Module
Modification Version: 1.0 Final
IPB Version: 2.1.3
Release Date: 12-21-2005
Release History

Version 1.0 Final released 12-21-2005:

* Initial Release

Known Bugs

* There are no known bugs in this release.

Planned Improvements

* There are no planned improvements.

What does this modification do?

This modification allows your members to optionally stream MP3 files that have been uploaded within a post via the default attachment feature instead of downloading the entire file before playback starts.

Key Features

* Stream attached MP3 files instead of downloading the whole file!
* Uses standard M3U files.
* MP3 Playback starts almost immediately.
* Save bandwidth-- no more downloading a whole MP3 just to hear a few seconds.
* Minimal source code edits

Click here to download this file

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