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Download: D21-Show Signatures Once 1.0

Shawn Dean

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File Name: D21-Show Signatures Once 1.0
File Submitter: Shawn Dean
File Submitted: 23 May 2006
File Category: Modifications

Modification Description:
D21-Show Signatures Once Will Allow You To Display A Posters Signature Once In A Topic.

1. Able to Turn This Feature On/Off.
2. Able To Choose Which Method To Display The Signatures As.
1. Method 1 - Displays The Posters Signature Under Their First Post In the Topic.
2. Method 2 - Displays The Posters Signature Under Their Latest Post In The Topic.

Files Affected:

  • sources/action_public/topics.php
  • sources/lib/func_topic_linear.php
Modification History:
  • 1.0
    • First initial release of modification

Click here to download this file
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