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Download: PHPSpellChecker V2.4


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File Name: PHPSpellChecker V2.4
File Submitter: SearchLight
File Submitted: 05 Sep 2006
File Category: Modifications

MOD Title: PhpSpellChecker V2.4

Description: Spell Checker for Invision Message Forum!
Compatibility: Invision V1.2.x, 1.3.x, 2.0.x & 2.1.x (tested to 2.1.7)

PhpSpellChecker offers a suprisingly well written and documented Spell Check to your Invision Board.

There's no offsite linking, no paying for dictionary use. All word lookup is done via a HUGE english word database that is included. The complete SpellCheck is done on your site and you retain complete control over it. It's not a resource or bandwidth hog whatsoever!

PhpSpellChecker has the ability to learn words and save them in a cookie so the user's words are remembered. Admin can add an unlimited amount of words directly into the word database. Users can also suggest words that will be sent to the server for another check if the matches were not satisfactory.

Offers linking to a thesarus and definition lookup for words that users need help with.

Demo can be found at:

Please use the following to test:
username: test
password: test

-Release Notes:

PhpSpellChecker v2.4(P):

- Fixed quick-reply bug
- Fixed RTE compatibilty issue
- Tested full compatibility for IE and Firefox. Opera limited to STD post area
- Corrected install instructions

PhpSpellChecker v2.3(P):

- Added compatibility with Invision Power Board Rich Text Editor</b>
- Added Invision Power Board V2.1.4 Compatibility
- Corrected install instructions
- Fixed IE UTF Encoding issue on some sites
- Fixed Drop S support on words that are actually misspelleded with a double s
- Fixed PHP support using _REQUEST / _POST / _COOKIE variables
- Fixed Word_Is_Case warning. (But was added in 'm')

PhpSpellChecker v2.2(O):

- Added Invision Power Board V2.1.x Compatibility
- Corrected install instructions

PhpSpellChecker v2.1(O):

- New dictionary file (gets rid of bad entries) that will increase accuracy
- Corrected install instructions
- Corrected typos causing textbox to move
- Corrected typo causing smilies popup to fail
- Added Invision Power Board V2.0.3 Compatibility
- Added integration for Invision Gallery plugin
- Added integration for Invision Blog plugin

PhpSpellChecker v2.00(O):

- Fixed Safari Support
- Added Invision Power Board V2.0 Compatibility

PhpSpellChecker v1.25(N):

- Re-added code for First Found "Correct" word. (Got removed in V1.24)
- Re-Added Opera support (Got removed in V1.24)
- Fixed a minor bug with Language support
- Completely re-wrote entire install documentation
- Corrected mysterious "SPELLCHECK button appearing at top of forum issue"
- Support for Netscape 7.x added
- Support for Mozilla Firebird added

PhpSpellChecker V1.24:

- Added install support for IBForums 1.3 pdr1 and pdr2
- Fixed a minor bug in Language Support
- Fixed MSSQL support
- Updated vBulletin support
- Updated Spell Engine to Properly support Russian (& other Languages) character sets
- Updated Engine to allow Language files to have Localizations
- Updated Engine to automatically remove html entities.
- Added Uppercase/Lowercase/Propercase word detection for suggested words
- Install instructions made clearer

Click here to download this file

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