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Download: ibProBattle v1.3.4


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File Name: ibProBattle v1.3.4
File Submitter: Tribalize
File Submitted: 10 Nov 2006
File Category: Modifications

Battle System For Your IPB Forums

1.3.4 Updates

Added Option to limit the amount of attacks per defender per day, groups can be excluded from this in attack settings
Added Which Groups can use the attack system
Divided ACP settings into multiple pages. Added several new options in settings pages.
Added Choice for old style 1.2.0 counter attack or new counter attack code.
Added Which Groups can Request Guild Membership.
Added Attack Link to Targets Page.
Added Money for kills mod by Alex/AT.
Added Collapse Game Stats mod by Alex/AT.
Added Money per Day mod by Alex/AT.
Added Allow Offline/Hidden mod by Alex/AT.
Removed Mod version from all files and added individual file versions to help track changes.
Added Changelog file to track changes.
Updated sources/components_acp/attack.php to get Mod version from cache instead of being hard coded.
Updated ibproinstall.php to get version from a varible for installation, select which skin file to use based on forum version, added upgrade from 1.3.x option, various other cosmetic and functionality changes.

See changelog for previous version updates.

Thanks To MrStormy For This Release

1.3.2 Updates
Added pagination to event logs. (Hard coded at 500 for now)
Added pagination to targets. (Hard coded at 100 for now)
Additions to lang_attack.php file, commented in the file for easy reference.

A compiliation of fixes/changes/additions since 1.3.0:

Navigation in ACP to Guild Clean Up
If Guild field gets hosed in a weapon, it will fix it in the ACP Weapon Editor now (should never happen, but if it does, it's there)
# of Guilds Per Page displayed correctly now
Can make a link and display only one guilds info
Couple of code changes.

1.3.0 Updates
Made counter-attacks more intuitive. Added tables to stats. Added filter to log view.
Added group permission to purchase a Guildhouse.
Added admin setting for maximum # of guilds.
Banning a user from the attack system now bans them from everything (revivals, donations, transferring, buying, etc).
Removed bots from Top 10 Fraggers in Atk Shop.
Cached attack_settings, saving 1 query per user per page
Changed all tables to have the prefix of attack_
Control all aspects of leveling up, can use any field in the members table for money.
Can't attack users after admin settable amount of days.
Admin settable starting recovery time and minimum recovery time.
Guild specific weapons, minimum level to use weapon, min/max level to attack above/below, suicide tracking, fixed expired log view.
Guild Manager in ACP
Users can opt-out, set if they with to receive PM's from attacks and choose what time format for expiration they want. All controllable by the Admin.
ibProbattle menu under My Controls to change settings and some other links.
Can use any field in the members table for money.
Added admin option to allow people who opt-out to still get points/gil for posting.
Added Completed edits.html to instructions so you can compare your edits to the way they should look. Some of the completed edits I included have a few lines before and after the edit for reference.
Added Top 10 Suiciders to the Shop Stats.
Changed files: /cache/lang_cache/en/lang_attack.php, /sources/atk/atkshop.php
Added file: /instructions/Completed edits.html
Fixed some ACP Guild Manager issues.
Changed files: /sources/components_acp/attack.php
Fixed logic in /sources/atk/attack.php
Health indicator in Target List (maybe someone can come up with better looking images)
Marked as 1.3.0 Final within the mod itself

Thanks To tubesock For This Release

Click here to download this file

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