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Download: [AH22] Task Manager v2.0.0 RC 1


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File Name: [AH22] Task Manager v2.0.0 RC 1
File Submitter: Alex
File Submitted: 18 Jan 2007
File Category: Components

This is version 4 of 2.0.0, ALPHA 1 was a BIG success and hopefully with the new forum side, so will this!

This new version of Task Manager sees many improvements to the code and many additions including a new FORUM SIDE OF THE COMPONENT!.

Some new features include:
- Project control
- Priority control
- 25 bug fixes
- 17 new features
- New forum side
- 8 new skin templates
- 4 new settings
- 1 new component

It now also includes a update checker located in a iframe in the main mod page.


Click here to download this file

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