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Download: My Assistant on steroids 1.0.2


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File Name: My Assistant on steroids 1.0.2
File Submitter: ntd1712_merged
File Submitted: 29 Jan 2007
File Category: Modifications

- Customize PM notification and recent PMs list for My Assistant
- Change setting via ACP - TOOLS & SETTINGS - Personal Message Set-up - Display full message?
- Idea by Clayton:
<< I have an Idea for a mod that I KNOW will go over BIG with everyone! It doesn't sound like it would be hard but you decide. I bet you will be installing this one on every board you create ;) OK here goes..
"My Assistant on steroids mod"
When you receive a PM you get a Pop up message (My assistant) showing you the PM. This was a great Idea but there are a few problems. First of all, it doesn't show you the whole message. So, that would be one ACP option, "Allow full message in Popup PM message". Probably would want scroll bars too in case of long messages) Secondly, there are MANY times I want to delete the PM I've just read. A delete button added to the popup PM would resolve this problem. Thirdly, A reply box! Just a simple little box under the PM which would allow you to reply to the PM immediately.
As popular and PM's are I think this mod would be an immediate huge hit in the IBP community. I mean who would not want these features if they could have them?
What do ya think? >>


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