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Download: Member Rewards v2 (upgraded)

Vince G.

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File Name: Member Rewards v2 (upgraded)
File Submitter: Vadimg88
File Submitted: 05 Feb 2007
File Category: Modifications

This mod is an upgrade of the first version, basically it is a complete diffrent mod.
with this one u could add multiple rewards for each member and title them. here is a complete feature list:

*Add multiple rewards for each member
add a title for the reward
*add a description for the reward
*auto adds the member who gave the reward
*adds the date the reward was given at
*ability to edit a reward
*ability to delete a reward
*counts how many rewards each member have in topic view (wont display if he dont have any)
*counts how many rewards each member have in profile view (wont display if he dont have any)
*pop up window with full details about the reward

Files Affected:

*1 DataBase table added
*4 temaplate bits added
*2 temaplate bits changed

Files Uploaded:

upload the /install directory then enter that directory from your browser follow the instructions and delete the directory after.

Upgrade instructions:

To install the second version of member rewards you will first need to follow the Unistall instructions that are included in the zip then follow the steps in this page.

*New screens included in the zip.

Click here to download this file

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