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Download: IPB Emoticon Development Kit (EDK)


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File Name: IPB Emoticon Development Kit (EDK)
File Submitter: p0lar_bear
File Submitted: 04 Jun 2007
File Category: GDK (Graphic Development Kits)

This is a graphics development kit that allows you to easily make emots for IPB (or any other board, for that matter), no matter what color your forum posts' backgrounds are! Simply make a new 20x20 image, make the background color of the canvas the same as your forum post's background colors, copy/paste the blank emot onto it, and then get creating! Then, save it as a GIF image with no transparency and upload it to your forums! It comes complete with pre-set emotes for IPB's default faces, including all of the frames of the animated emots, with the frame delay times.

This archive contains a .PSD file for Adobe Photoshop users, and a .PNG file for Macromedia Fireworks users. Each file, when opened in its respective program, is all sorted by layers, which makes the emot creation a simple task. Also, because of how Photoshop PSDs and Fireworks PNGs store transparency data, the emot outline is anti-aliased, and when you copy one onto another color background, you will not get the white jaggies as with IPB's unedited emots!

Feel free to copy, edit, redistribute, and contribute more to this kit, as in additional file formats (such as for GIMP), or additional emot faces/features, such as signs or hands.

Click here to download this file


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