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Unfortunately, our demo system is currently full. We limit the number of active demo accounts on our system so all users can experience good response times from their demo account. Accounts are refreshed constantly so please try again later.

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Four more reasons to love Invision Community

IPS Spam Defense

Protect your new community from spammers with the IPS Spam Defense service, included for free with all plans.

You always own your data

You always own your data with Invision Community. Get an export, free, whenever you wish - we won't hold it hostage!

Built-in monetization

Invision Community gives you the tools you need to monetize your community, like premium subscriptions and advertising.

A complete platform

No need to work out how to integrate a bunch of different software. Invision Community has a range of tightly integrated apps.

Demo FAQs

Can I upgrade my demo to a full account?

While our demo system is separate from our regular plans and is designed only as a demonstration of the software, we are able to transfer your demo data to a full plan providing you get in touch before your demo expires. Unfortunately, when a demo expires, the data is securely deleted and can't be retrieved. Sorry!

Is my demo private?

Yes, your demo is exclusively for you. Change settings, try out the theme system or invite your friends to your demo, it's up to you!

What restrictions are there?

Some functions that would allow access to the database or file system are disabled in the demo. In addition, your demo will only send a limited number of emails, regardless of type. Apart from these minor restrictions, your demo is fully functional.