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  • Creator

    Develop your community further with our commerce and page building tools

    $89/ month
    $1,068 total, paid annually
    $99/ month
    Paid monthly


      • Respond directly to other members, quote posts and customize the text in your replies with our powerful response editor.
      • Set up or export events, customize event pages and request RSVPs from your members.
      • Upload, organize and comment on user submitted images and videos.
      • Empower your members to create social groups within your community.
      • A live chat feature for in-platform webinars. Once the webinar concludes, the live chat will convert to a topic, allowing post-webinar participation.
      • Allow users to create their own individual or group blogs within your community, to share their ideas, thoughts and insights.
      • Die-hard fans and customers can gain additional access and privileges with a monthly subscription.
      • Build a digital marketplace. Upload, share and sell digital files.
      • Dynamic pages
      • Custom blocks from data feeds
      • Custom blocks with WYSIWYG editing
      • Create automated workflows between Invision Community and over 3,000 other apps, including Google Documents, MailChimp, Facebook and Twitter.
      • Recognize your member with ranks and badges as they engage with your community.
      • Members can register and login using their already-existing logins for Facebook, Twitter, Gmail and more.
      • Gain access to several key reporting metrics, including member and content trends.
      • Allow your community to store up to 500 GB data.
      • Include as many moderators and administrators as you need.
      • Place your community directly onto your domain name.
      • Your content is important. Whether your community has a few months, or decades of history, we carefully migrate data from more than 40 platforms. Learn more
  • Creator Pro

    Take it to the next level with more powerful additions

    $149/ month
    $1,788 total, paid annually
    $169/ month
    Paid monthly

    All from Creator, plus:

      • Dynamic pages
      • Custom blocks from data feeds
      • Custom blocks with WYSIWYG editing
      • Database driven system for FAQ, blogs, and more
      • Access to REST API, web hooks, GraphQL, and more.
      • View a list of currently active members, updated in real time as they browse content.
      • View a real time list of members who are currently typing and replying to content.
      • A live chat feature for in-platform webinars. Once the webinar concludes, the live chat will convert to a topic, allowing post-webinar participation.
      • Create courses and lessons for learning management on your community.
      • Allow your community to store up to 1,750 GB of data.
      • Choose whether your community’s data is stored in the EU or US.
      • Connect industry leading apps for a premium user experience.
      • Our custom SSO development service is designed to build a custom solution that is right for you based on your particular aims and requirements. Learn more
  • Team

    Expand as your community thrives.

    $229/ month
    $2,748 total, paid annually
    $259/ month
    Paid monthly

    All from Creator Pro, plus:

      • Automatically display a list of engaging topics that are most active in the present moment.
      • A live chat feature for in-platform webinars. Once the webinar concludes, the live chat will convert to a topic, allowing post-webinar participation.
      • See live chat historical log and metrics like attendance and questions asked for each Live Topic.
      • User submitted videos will be auto-encoded to a universal format to ensure they will play on any device.
      • Offer more advanced learning with features like required courses, quizzes, and more.
      • Allow your community to store up to 3,000 GB of data.
  • Business

    Intelligent insights to help guide your busy community management team

    $549/ month
    $6,588 total, paid annually
    $619/ month
    Paid monthly

    All from Team, plus:

      • Gain insight to all of our reporting metrics, including Google Tag Manager events support, precompiled reports, sentiment actions, and more.
      • Automatically display a list of engaging topics that are most active in the present moment plus see those historical trends too.
      • A live chat feature for in-platform webinars. Once the webinar concludes, the live chat will convert to a topic, allowing post-webinar participation.
      • Allow your community to store 6,500 GB of data.
      • Image moderation can automatically moderate images that may not abide by the community’s guidelines.
      • Automatically tag objects in photos for members to easily search and discover.
      • Collaborate with the Invision Community team to get your community running smoothly.
      • Discounted prices for Custom SSO and Data Conversion
  • Enterprise

    We are your community partner with enterprise-level training and support

    All from Business, plus:

      • Allow your community to store unlimited data.
      • Collaborate with us to strategize best practices to ensure your community is a success.
      • The Invision Community team will stay on top of moderation reports, take action when needed, implement automatic moderation tools and advise on best moderation practices.
      • Book a video call with us if you need help, have a question, want dedicated support, want to brainstorm, need training or just want to say hi.
      • We’ll come to you! Our in-person visits cover in-depth training, support, brain storming sessions, strategy and team building.
      • We’ll collaborate with your moderators so they’re up-to-date with best practices, as well as show them the ins and outs of both automatic and manual moderation in our platform.
      • Need a same-day response? Ditch the standard wait times and drop us an instant message in your own dedicated Slack channel or via our managed services email.
      • Per your direction, an Invision designer will bring your vision to life with a beautiful custom theme.
      • We can connect your company's existing platform to our community platform so members enjoy a unified experience.
      • Thanks to the flexible tools built into our platform, along with seamless integration options, the possibilities are endless.
      • We’ll ensure your data processing, privacy needs and legal requirements are met.
      • Communicate and continually touch base with your own account manager.
      • Get first access and exclusive insight on new features to the platform.
      • If there's a unique scenario specific to you, we can create a custom application, plugin or feature to ensure your needs are met.
      • Reach out to us through our dedicated managed support email where we answer quickly and really get to know your team so we feel comfortable working together.
      • Pay in arrears aligned with your Accounts Payable team’s payment terms, PO, etc. Pay via ACH, Wire transfer and credit card.
      • We upgrade your site each month and ensure your customizations are updated and running smoothly.


Just starting your community? This plan provides those basics.

  • Forum Discussions
  • Events Calendar
  • Achievements
  • Analytics Basics
  • 100GB Storage
  • Unlimited admin seats
  • Custom domain
$49/ month
$588 total, paid annually
$54/ month
Paid monthly

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Creator Pro
Traffic and Data
100 GB
500 GB
1,750 GB
3,000 GB
6,500 GB
Posts and Members
Hosting in EU or US
Custom Domain
API Access
Real time Trending Content
Real time Trending Content and Historical trends
AI Image Moderation
AI Object Tagging
Enhanced Search
Full Access
Full Access
Page Builder
Full Access
Full Access
Full Access
Full Access
Live Topics
1 per month
2 per month
10 per month
Services for Purchase

Features included in all packages

  • No IT Team Required

    Our plans are easy to manage - no installation, servers or server maintenance to worry about. We handle it all for you, giving you the ability to focus on developing your community instead.

  • Use Your Own Domain

    Want to use your own web address? No problem. Any plan can be set up to use a domain name you already own, for free. Simply enter it when creating your plan, and we will be in touch to set it up.

  • Fully Customizable & Integratable

    Our plans include all the same customization and integration tools as the self-hosted license, including themeing, Wordpress & oAuth single sign-on, the ability to install third-party addons, and much more.

  • All Apps Included

    Our Creator and higher plans include all seven of our apps, so you get everything you need to build incredible communities, with discussion forums, file sharing, content management and more.

  • Your Data Belongs To You

    Unlike some other providers, we don't hold your data hostage or deny access altogether. It's yours, and should you decide to leave us we promise we will provide it to you, for free.

  • Powerful Infrastructure

    Our platform is specially designed to power demanding communities. We have over 15 years experience in hosting some of the best communities on the web, so you're in safe hands.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Yes! When you purchase your plan, during the checkout process, you are assigned a temporary *.invisionservice.com domain. At any point after your plan is set up, you can request the domain name change in the Client Area and our support team will assist you.

  • Yes, all of our plans include free TLS (HTTPS). If you choose to use one of our provided domains, TLS is automatically configured for you. If you instead choose to use your own domain, you need to contact us after purchasing so that we can set it up on your account.

  • Of course! There's no additional fee to upgrade (or downgrade) your plan at any time. You can change your plan via the client area, or contact accounts@invisionpower.com and we make the switch for you.

  • We don't currently offer additional storage on individual plan levels. If you require additional storage, simply contact accounts@invisionpower.com to upgrade to the next plan level or make the upgrade in the client area.

  • Our network mitigates most DDoS attacks before they can impact your community. However, if your community becomes a frequent target of DDoS attacks, we may ask you to move to a self-hosted community in order to protect the integrity of our platform.

  • You can download and install new themes, applications, hooks, languages and more, and install them via your administration control panel.

  • When you get close to your package limits, we will contact you to let you know. If the average users in a 48 hour window exceeds your package limits, we automatically upgrade you to our next package level. IPS is here to help you grow your community and we will work with you, communicate, and help you transition along the way. You should never worry about being deactivated for just being a few users or posts over your package limits.

  • No - all of our standard packages run on a month-to-month basis.

  • You are always entitled to a backup of your data. To continue to make use of it, you need to purchase a self-hosted license.

  • Your community data (including content and users) belongs exclusively to you. We employ industry-standard technology to keep it secure, and we never share it with third parties unless compelled to do so by law enforcement agencies.

  • Depending on your plan, you can choose a data center physically located in either the US or the EU. Either way, we use a global CDN to ensure your community response time is fast.

Have any questions of your own? Contact us so we can help.

Can't find a plan which suits?


The self-hosted plan allows you to install Invision Community on your own in-house, self-managed infrastructure. Choose which apps you need, renew annually and manage your own infrastructure.

Corporate & Enterprise

Our Enterprise plans are full-service, offering all of our applications plus Enterprise-exclusive solutions that can be custom created for your site. Let us work with you to determine how we can meet your needs. This can be the start of our partnership.

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