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Invision Community 4.6.7

Released 10/12/2021

Key Changes

This is our October monthly release.

Additional Information


  • Added Stream Subscriptions.
  • Added the ability for public sections to be created in closed clubs.
  • Added Zapier Support for self-hosted licenses.
  • Added Stock Replies to all editors.
  • Improved online member widgets to show the viewing user when they are not anonymous when the block is cached.
  • Fixed an issue where background images in Promoted Streams sometimes didn't load properly
  • Fixed an issue where a specially crafted URL could cause an uncaught exception.
  • Fixed an issue where profile fields are not properly formatted.
  • Fixed a potential issue adding tags to content when using PHP 8.
  • Fixed an issue where the validating information was missing in the 'all' Admin Control Panel member list.
  • Fixed an issue with the Frontend Theme Editor occurring with PHP8.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a slow query to run when sending email if a large number of emails have previously failed.
  • Content item message form defaults to private, with a colored border around the editor to signify the privacy status.


  • Fixed a niche issue where an error could occur if a PayPal Subscription notification arrives after the Subscription is cancelled.
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn't possible to edit a subscription expiry date.


  • Updated XenForo converter for 2.2.x.
  • Changed the default character set for conversion sessions from utf8 to utf8mb4.
  • Fixed an issue importing attachments from XenForo if you had previously converted to XenForo from another platform.
  • Fixed an error that could occur if the Converter tried to delete a content link.
  • Fixed an issue where converted mentions may contain a static URL (breaking them if you change your domain).
  • Fixed an issue with tag statistics immediately after a conversion.
  • Fixed an issue with some topics not being hidden (but their posts were) after converting from vB5.


  • Fixed an issue with the display of the Page Builder: Upload Images widget when used with a set block height.


  • Fixed an issue where deleting events would fail when called via the cron job.
  • Fixed an issue with the profile field member filter where date fields would return false for group promotions.


  • Fixed an issue where rebuilding a members content count could fail with broken Archived DB connection settings.


  • Fixed the broken "Buy" link inside file embeds.

Changes affecting third-party developers and designers

  • Switched the parameter order for \IPS\convert\Library\Core::convertRssImported() (PHP8)

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