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Invision Community 4.6.12

Released 04/05/2022

Key Changes

This is our April maintenance release.

Key Changes include: 

Additional Information


  • Added a setting to control the successful webhook log duration.
  • Added support for m4a audio files.
  • Added member warnings to the moderator log.
  • Updated the default robots.txt instructions to further reduce crawl wastage.
  • Fixed an issue where deleting an item would return an error when the item had no valid URL.
  • Fixed an issue where stream RSS Feeds may generate incomplete guest member account.
  • Fixed the broken "achievements to show" widget setting.
  • Fixed an issue where communities which were installed inside a directory where submitting an invalid keyLocation parameter to IndexNow .
  • Fixed the comment_deleted webhook which wasn't fired.
  • Fixed minor issue where the Upgrade AdminCP notification could throw an uncaught Error if the latest version request failed.
  • Fixed an issue in the achievements member filter, where the "any" option would result in no matches.
  • Fixed an issue search results could show an error under some circumstances.
  • Fixed an issue where images within a quote within a reply could generate extra whitespace
  • Fixed an issue where the onProfileUpdate Member Sync extensions wouldn' tbe called as expected.
  • Fixed an issue where "All / None" links were shown under the Followed Content section of notification options incorrectly.
  • Fixed an issue where DailyMotion short URLs would not embed.
  • Fixed an issue where long names can overlap the ... button in comments on small devices.
  • Fixed the fallback download link for Quicktime videos which Chrome will not display as a video.
  • Fixed an issue where the block submission word filter missed words or phrases with quotes and other HTML entities in them.
  • Fixed an issue where the ACP Profile - Points page could get broken because of achievements rules from deleted applications.
  • Fixed an issue where the REST API self-health check would suppress any errors caused when a friendly URL was used without the proper htaccess file.
  • Fixed an issue where daily subscriptions for streams with an author set may not work correctly.
  • Fix spam service filling up system logs if a license has expired.
  • Fixed an issue in the stream subscriptions, where the stream ignored the date from the last email, so it fetched all the content instead of only the recent one which was created after the last sent email.
  • Fixed a performance issue with the stream subscriptions task.
  • Fixed an issue where admin pages would still show for disabled applications.
  • Fixed an issue where uninstalling applications may leave orphan notifications.
  • Fixed an issue where rank images may not be moved when altering storage configurations.
  • Fixed some duplicate rel tags in share links.
  • Fixed an issue with image rotation when uploading.
  • Fixed an issue with the online widget cache.
  • Fixed an issue where the cleanup task may fail when run via cron.
  • Fixed an issue with PHP 8.0.17 by working around a zlib issue.
  • Fixed an issue where hidden status updates were incorrectly styled in the moderator control panel.
  • The social icons are now correctly shown on mobiles when the "Social Link Position" theme setting is set to "Header Background".
  • The rank progress in the mobile navigation panel will no longer overlap navigation links.
  • YouTube embeds will now load from the youtube-nocookie.com domain.
  • Removed some no longer required acp restrictions.
  • Removed orphaned 'Activity/Content Discovery' module.
  • Removed disabled applications webhook references.


  • Added a per-forum option to show the forum and any sub-forums as one unified "fluid mode" view.
  • Fixed an issue where Google rich results may not show the correct vote counts for answers.
  • Fixed an issue where forum specific themes would throw an exception once deleted.


  • Fixed a potential database error when viewing followed images.


  • Fixed an issue where the record listing table would show the total count of items in the category + all it's child categories as total item count.
  • Fixed an issue where the cms records widget settings form would throw an exception when error reporting was enabled.
  • Fixed an issue where IP address tools would display all comments for every database.
  • Fixed an issue where toggling the use forum for comments database setting could alter approval status.
  • Fixed an issue where og:url is not set for category views.


  • The business name input field is now shown globally instead only for EU countries.
  • Fixed an issue where attempting to purchase a product that isn't allowed for the member, didn't show an error message when signing in during checkout.
  • Fixed invalid JSON-LD product data when stock levels are based on custom field selections.
  • Fixed social logins bypassing purchasing a product or subscription when it is required on registration.
  • Fixed an issue using PayPal via Braintree.
  • Fixed an issue display Braintree transactions in the AdminCP that had been processed by GooglePay.
  • Fixed an issue where registering via Commerce may not log acceptance of terms and conditions.
  • Fixed an issue where paying with account credit can leave a pending amount less than minimum amount processable via Stripe.
  • Fixed an issue where the initial renewal term text may not update during checkout.
  • Fixed an issue where grace periods were not correctly added when manually invoicing from the admin control panel.
  • Removed the FX country code for france.


  • Fixed the birthday output on the day view page.
  • Fixed an issue where the activity stream widget would show the wrong event date as result.


  • Optimised vBulletin 3/4 member conversion.
  • Fixed an issue where passwords from WPForo may not work following a conversion.
  • Fixed an issue converting smilies from vBulletin where a CDN was previously used.
  • Fixed an issue formatting XenForo URLs when "unfurls" were used.
  • Fixed an issue where downloads category counts were not calculated after a conversion.

Updates to third-party libraries

  • Updated Spectrum, a color picker library to the latest release version.
  • Updated jQuery UI components to 1.13.1.
  • Updated jQuery.nestedSortable.js to 2.1a.
  • Updated CKEditor to 4.18.0.

Changes affecting third-party developers and designers

  • \IPS\Application::doMemberCheck() method added that can be added to subsequent subclasses which can force a user to perform an action before they may continue using the site.
  • Converters now generate profile photo thumbnails via background task.

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