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Invision Community 4.6.10

Released 02/01/2022

Key Changes

This is our February maintenance release.

Key changes include:

  • Support for IndexNow, a new way to inform search engines of new content.
  • New Webhook trigger points.

Additional Information


  • Added support for IndexNow.
  • Added ability to allow administrators to fire webhooks for specific events.
  • Added the ability to moderate or replace posted email addresses with an obfuscated placeholder in content.
  • Added the CSRF key to the dynamic chart delete link.
  • Implemented the banned IP addresses check for PBR content.
  • Improved the REST API self diagnostics test and returned errors.
  • Added few missing language strings for email stats.
  • Updated HTMLPurifier to 4.14.0.
  • Updated CKEditor to 4.17.1.
  • Improved security for iframe embedding.
  • Improved the default Robots.txt file to further increase crawl efficiency.
  • Improved error handling when unexpected errors are encountered in upgrader.
  • Fixed an issue where the AdminCP member history for posting restrictions may not show the correct length of time.
  • Fixed an issue where the ACP Moderator Stats can time out with too many moderators
  • Fixed an issue where cloud customers could see an incorrect cache error message.
  • Fixed an issue where Profile Settings would throw an error instead of showing a validation error.
  • Fixed an external link on the ACP gateway settings page to open in a new window.
  • Fixed an issue where the cleanup task would return an error when it was executed via a cron job because of the missing session.
  • Fixed an issue where awarding points or a badge wouldn't trigger the member sync and group promotion routines.
  • Fixed some missing headings and value formatting in statistic tables.
  • Fixed a display issue in the admin control panel for RSS import badges.
  • Fixed an issue where cloning groups could leave incorrect search index permissions.
  • Fixed sub-sub menu items showing in the wrong location when viewing the menu on mobile.
  • Fixed a niche issue when using Redis for view logging and the task runs before any views have been logged.
  • Fixed an issue where splitting multiple posts from a topic into a new one wouldn't update the search index properly.
  • Fixed an issue where banned members were shown in achievement widgets.
  • Fixed the broken link to status replies and comments inside the similar content widget.
  • Fixed an incorrect css variable (--dialog--boxSHadow).
  • Fixed an issue where copying an achievement rule wouldn't copy the additional language strings.
  • Fixed the duplicate rel attribute in the Twitter share widget.
  • Fixed an issue where personal messages were incorrectly awarded points.
  • Fixed an issue where streams limited by tags did not show any results when using Elastic Search.
  • Fixed an issue sending bulk mail when selecting one of the 'validating' options.
  • Fixed an issue where some AdminCP text editor tags may not show descriptions.
  • Fixed an issue where downloading a file may have the wrong filename when it has a long extension.
  • Fixed the style tag on the offline page.
  • Fixed an issue where banned and spammer member filter options were showing for bulk mail.
  • Fixed a missing language string in the related content widget.
  • Fixed an issue on the ACP - Social Media Promotion Page which returned the Permissions Warning even when no promotion services were available.
  • Fixed a broken language string on the re-authenticate login prompt.
  • Fixed social media promotion throwing an error if the Facebook or Twitter login handler is disabled.
  • Fixed an issue where hidden or non-approved content was shown in the "Similar Content" Elastic Search widget (note: it was only shown to those with permission to see it).
  • Fixed an issue where some emails may have two HTML wrappers.
  • Fixed an issue where moderator logs may show untranslated content types.
  • Fixed some issues upgrading from < 4.0.0 when using MySQL 8.0.2 or newer.
  • Fixed broken "reveal author" buttons when an anonymous user is deleted.
  • Fixed the broken ranks XML export.
  • Fixed an issue where streams configured to return only content items returned also comments and reviews.
  • Fixed the insert existing attachment page jump form not working in bulk mail.
  • Bing Sitemap Support was removed because they deprecated the service.
  • Fixed few issues in archived QA Topics.
  • Fixed an issue where the cleanup task could fail when cron was used to run the tasks.
  • Fixed an issue where expanding nodes in the advanced search form node selector element could be slow or time out.
  • Fixed an issue where achievement ranks and badges were not exporting using the correct language.
  • Fixed an issue where the Club::recountMembers() method would return the DB query instance instead of the value.
  • Fixed an issue where content may not be anonymized after deleting members.
  • Fixed some issues caused by badly formed dates in the leaderboard.
  • Fixed an issue with activity streams with the 'members I follow' filter on Elastic Search.


  • Fixed the breadcrumb navigation inside Clubs.


  • Fixed an issue where JSON-LD may not show an author for Q&A topics.
  • Fixed an issue where solved statistics may not show correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where it was possible to create a redirect forum without setting a redirect target.
  • Fixed an issue where 'Unmark as Solution' moderator log was missing the post id.


  • Fixed an issue where Tax wasn't shown in the subscription upgrade charge.
  • Fixed an issue where the 'new products' block on the Store page may not show accurate stock levels.
  • Fixed the HTML structure of the Featured Products widget, which previously resulted in a broken paragraph tag.
  • Fixed the customer page throwing an error if an application that implements a package type is uninstalled.
  • Removed stripe.js from non Commerce related pages.


  • Fixed an issue with submitting file links without uploading a file when multiple files are not allowed.


  • Fixed an issue where search for templates did not return the correct results.
  • Fixed an issue where turning on template editing diff reduces the size of the editor.


  • Fixed an error shown on the create event form when an invalid input date is provided.
  • Fixed an issue where the current date was not selected when creating an event from the day view.


  • Fixed a minor issue when converting soft deleted topics from MyBB.

REST & Webhooks

  • Added new webhooks which are fired when content is deleted.

Changes affecting third-party developers and designers

  • Added backticks to table names in update and delete queries.
  • Updated the method definition for changesForHistory() in MemberRestriction extensions.
  • Fixed an issue with the template Hextorgb plugin throwing an error.
  • The member_edited webhook will now only be fired if there are any data in the $changes parameter.
  • Changed the $useWrapper parameter in \IPS\Email::buildFromContent() to a class constant instead of bool.
  • Removed \IPS\core\extensions\core\MemberFilter\Locked.

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