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Invision Community 4.1.18

Released 01/30/2017

Key Changes

In addition to bug fixes and performance improvements, this release also includes:

  • Pinterest share link has been added
  • Converters are now included as a Suite-level application you can download with your package in the Client Area
  • Running a conversion will now skip steps that do not have anything to convert
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Images embedded in the editor can now have an alternative title set for accessibility
  • Users signing in through social services, such as Facebook, will no longer be required to validate their email address
  • When a location is specified for a Calendar Event, the address will be shown underneath the map. The map itself should also be more accurate now.
  • The Approval Queue page now has a "Hide" button to hide content (rather than only being able to approve / delete)
  • Disabling Profile Photo uploads will now also disable importing from a URL
  • An issue has been fixed where adding tags using other languages may not work properly
  • Cropping Animated GIF's for photos is now supported when ImageMagick is in use
  • Files purchased in Downloads will now have a link back to the file from their purchase page in the Manage Purchases section
  • The Admin CP will now display more information for a user who has been banned
  • imgur embedded is now supported
  • Errors caused by third party applications / plugins will now be clearer
  • Option to report fatal errors automatically to IPS so we can fix common issues

Release Patches

We sometimes release patches for issues that come up frequently between full releases. If you are experiencing any of the issues below on this version you can download and apply the patches using the instructions provided.

An issue has been identified that may prevent you from moving comments from one item to another item (e.g. splitting posts from one topic to another topic), resulting in an error code 2F173/I. To resolve this issue please upload the following patched file to your server:


Additional Information

Developer Notes

  • CKEditor updated to 4.6.2
  • Template Tags are now parsed in plugin CSS while IN_DEV
  • All tables that store member ID's have been adjusted to use BIGINT(20) on new installs. Existing installs will remain the same.
  • CodeMirror updated to 5.22.1
  • \IPS\Image\Gd can now be properly extended
  • \IPS\gallery\Album::setLastImage() has been abstracted further to add a $sortBy parameter
  • \IPS\Task::runUntilTimeout() now understands when memory_limit is configured to 2G (for example)
  • You will now need to specify a data-ipsGrid-maxItemSize value if you use the data-ipsGrid widget.
  • The Member form helper stringValue() method will now return a list or Member ID's separated by newlines rather than commas, to avoid issues when a comma is used in a members name.

Converter Improvements

Our converters are now part of the core Suite. The following updates have been made:

  • If a specific conversion has things available to convert but there are none in the third party database, you will no longer be required to convert them. For example, if you are converting from vBulletin and you do not have any profile field groups, you will not be required to 'convert' this step.
  • The converters have been updated to work with developer mode properly (which has in turn led to many miscellaneous bug fixes)
  • Converting from SMF will now prompt you to choose whether to keep member real names or display names when converting members
  • Full language abstraction
  • Redirections are now handled automatically without the need for uploading extra PHP files (and in the case of some conversions, overwriting the default index.php upon each upgrade)
  • Converted links (i.e. links to topics, forums, profiles, etc.) will no longer redirect to the new locations within the Suite if the user does not have permission to view the content
  • Gallery images embedded as attachments in posts in vBulletin will now work correctly post-conversion (for new conversions)
  • Improved converters so that conversions that require a 'parent' (i.e. converting forums requires members to be converted first) will not allow you to start until the parent has been converted
  • Converter version number has not been set inline with the rest of the Suite
  • API endpoint added for converters to fetch details about what can be converted
  • Joomla, Photoplog, Coppermine, BBPress converters added
  • Miscellaneous performance improvements
  • Dozens of bug fixes


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