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Invision Community 4.1.16

Released 10/17/2016

Key Changes

In addition to many small bug fixes, this release includes:

  • Large number of bugs fixed in focus areas: Commerce, Pages databases, and IPS Connect
  • Performance improvements in: profile view, sitemap generator, posting replies, and Activity Streams
  • We now try to more reliably detect the AWS S3 endpoint for those using S3 file storage
  • More efficient license key checking to keep the keys from being checked too often which can slow your site down
  • There is now a column in tasks view to show the last time it ran to help diagnostics
  • When a member changes their email or password they now get an email confirmation
  • If group promotion based on date is enable the system will now auto-promote even if a member does not login
  • There is now a setting to change the number of topics per page in the forum view
  • If you move your site to a new URL you no longer have to update a constant if using the image proxy
  • You can now press ctrl/cmd+enter in any editor window to submit the reply
  • In Commerce ticket view there are keyboard shortcuts to perform common actions (such as press 'r' to open reply box or 'n' for note)
  • There is now logic to prevent double-posting when the initial post encounters an error on submit
  • Moderators can now remove all followers from an item
  • Contact Us is now configurable with various options
  • Announcements can now be restricted by member group
  • Admins now have a setting to have members automatically follow content they start or reply to. Members can optionally override this.
  • The editor will now show a message if a link that can be embedded (image, video, etc.) failed to embed for some reason. Admins get more detailed error reasons.
  • If your datastore (cache system) is not working properly the AdminCP will now show you a warning telling you that it needs attention.
  • When a member is banned/suspended the system now shows a more friendly page with information on their ban. Previously it showed a permission denied page.
  • Redesigned ticket listing in Commerce
  • New My History view in Commerce
  • Security Questions for account security

Please view the 4.1.16 announcement for full details and screenshots.

Additional Information

Information for developers:

  • REST API now outputs ratings on items
  • REST API now supports retrieving a purchase associated with a specific license key
  • REST API now has a new authentication method for servers that do not support proper headers
  • Editor Forms can now specify a maximum length
  • Security Questions can be extended to third party applications to restrict access to a specific area until a question has been answered
  • hooks.json will now be written automatically when adjusting hooks in the developer center
  • The Node form helper now has an autoPopulate option to allow for developers to control whether children nodes automatically populate
  • The "Contact Us" form is now extendable to 3rd party applications, to route messages sent via that form to a specific location
  • Various inconsistencies between Comments and Reviews have been fixed
  • MySQL ANSI_QUOTES is now enabled by default while IN_DEV
  • \IPS\Http\Request classes now have a forceTls() method to force the request to use TLS 1.2
  • \IPS\DEBUG_TEMPLATES can now be used outside of IN_DEV
  • You can now use curly braces in templates without them parsing as PHP by escaping them (ex: \{\{some text here\}\})
  • ipsForm_collapseTablet CSS class added to make horizontal forms turn vertical when viewing view a tablet
  • CodeMirror has been updated to 5.19

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