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Released 08/24/2016

Key Changes

This is a maintenance release to fix reported issues.

In addition to a strong focus on overall stability, this release contains:

  • Official PHP 7 support
  • Major performance improvements to Activity Streams

Version / This is a small maintenance update to address issues some clients had with certain URLs. We have also seen clients having issues with many third-party plugins and this update will attempt to better capture those errors.


This is the last release to officially support PHP 5.5 which is now completely unsupported by PHP. If your web host is still using PHP 5.5 you should contact them to upgrade to either PHP 5.6 or PHP 7.0.

Additional Information

Information for 3rd party developers

  • If your application defines language strings for the names of content types with an indefinite article (which use the prefix "__indefart_"), for example:
    	'__indefart_post'				=> "a post in a topic",
    	'__indefart_topic'				=> "a topic",
    	'__indefart_answer'				=> "an answer to a question",
    	'__indefart_question'			=> "a question",

    You must add matching strings which provide the name of the content type as it would appear with (but not including) the definite article using the "__defart_" prefix:

    	'__defart_post'					=> "post in a topic",
    	'__defart_topic'				=> "topic",
    	'__defart_answer'				=> "answer to a question",
    	'__defart_question'				=> "question",


  • There has been API changes to \IPS\Http\Url. Contributors can view details here: 
  • IPAddresses extensions can now define two methods: supportedInAcp() and supportedInModCp(), both of which can return a boolean value to indicate if that extension should show in the AdminCP IP address lookup and ModCP IP address lookup respectively. If undefined, it behaves as if true is returned.
  • CKEditor has been updated 4.5.10.
  • CodeMirror has been updated to 5.17.
  • Plupload has been updated to 2.1.9.
  • buzz.js has been updated to 1.2.
  • HTMLPurifier has been updated to 4.8.0. This now allows for PHP 7 support in IPS Community Suite.
  • A new parameter called $maxFiles has been added to the core > global > forms > upload template. That template parameter signature is now:
    $name, $value, $minimize, $maxFileSize, $maxFiles, $maxChunkSize, $totalMaxSize, $allowedFileTypes, $pluploadKey, $multiple=FALSE, $editor=FALSE, $forceNoscript=FALSE, $template='core.attachments.fileItem', $existing=array(), $default=NULL


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