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Released 05/20/2015

Key Changes

Addresses many issues reported by clients. Focus on file system including broken images, widget performance, and other recurring problems. We now require MySQL 5.1 or greater.

Includes some interface improvements to Gallery, theme comparison tools, and other small enhancements to make things easier to use or understand.

Update was released to fix:

  • Improved Spam Monitoring Service handling and extended to apply to registrations from 3rd party login systems
  • Widget caches may not update correctly
  • Captcha errors may not be displayed properly
  • Popular Contributors widget all results to show as position 1
  • Top Downloads incorrect data shown
  • Thumbnails for movies in Gallery may not show
  • Gallery images may not show if set to be stored in a non-web accessible directory
  • Renewal invoices Commerce would not generate if set to be generated on the day of expiry
  • Charts for reporting Commerce sales and market data would not show alternative chart formats or may display an error if multiple products have the same name
  • Third-party applications with Commerce integration may cause errors if not upgraded
  • Maximum execution time error when submitting content in some situations
  • Images for advertisements may not be correctly relocated when upgrading from 4.0.4
  • Custom templates in Pages displaying values for upload fields may not receive the correct URL
  • Error when searching members with certain configurations for custom profile fields

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