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Invision Community 4.0.2

Released 04/21/2015

Key Changes

  • Bug fixes from both bug tracker and support tickets
  • Performance improvements
  • Pages can now be run under your install directory
  • Support Tools enhancements: You can optionally create an admin account and send that as a hidden field to our support staff. A reminder is set in the AdminCP dashboard for you to remove this account once your support request is done. You can optionally send the last PHP and MySQL error logs (if any are recent) as part of your support request.
  • When a new version of IPS Community Suite 4 is available you will now see release notes. This feature is added in 4.0.2 but will not show until 4.0.3 is available.
  • You can now set a maximum image dimension size. If a user uploads an image larger than that setting it will be resized down and the smaller size saved.
  • Setting to limit the length of content item titles Suite-wide
  • Added new notification setting for Members you Follow. On install and upgrade, this setting is off by default to prevent your users from getting bombarded with notifications for members they follow until they are able to decide their preference.
  • If you enable the "use SSL for logins" setting then this will apply to the entire AdminCP: not just the login form. Setting was renamed to reflect this.
  • You can now specify the default view option for the Commerce store front: grid or list.
  • When you upload files for a new version, the AdminCP login box will now prompt you to run the upgrade system before showing login form.
  • Queue tasks should run faster
  • You can now select multiple locations for an advertisement rather than just one in Advertisement settings.
  • We now support multiple version management. This means that we will no longer release "patch files" for major bugs or security issues but will instead simply release a new version even if that new version may only contain one changed file. No more losing track if you have or have not patched as you will simply make sure you're on latest version.
  • Emoticon sets can now be reordered. You can also now delete entire sets.
  • Bulk email system can now filter based on Commerce packages and information.

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