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  1. $34.99

    Easy Pages

    ... look, this app probably isn't worth what I'm charging. Just go buy IP.Pages, it's like 20x better.
    Author note 2018-10: Support and maintenance will be limited going forward. This app works fine as of IPS 4.3 and may continue to work with new releases in the future, but when it stops working that's probably it. Thanks for your support over the years!
    Want to add custom pages to your IPS website? Easy Pages is a simple and powerful app to help you do that, from the comfort of your own Admin CP.

    There are no fancy wizards or long pages of settings. Just enter a title and URL, some text, and you're good to go. You don't even have to know HTML or PHP (but you can use them if you want to!).

    Use it to add a Privacy Policy, or rules, or a FAQ. You could even build an entire website. The only limit is your own creativity.

    Some of the features of this application:
    Create custom pages using BBCode, PHP, HTML, or IPS's Rich-Text Editor. Place each page within your IPS Theme, or build a complete page from the ground up. Choose your own page URL and meta tags for SEO. Control who can access a page with group permissions. Use 'blocks' of text or even PHP to avoid repeating code across multiple pages. Place blocks in pages, or anywhere on your site. Even posts! This application provides an easy way to create and view pages. However, it does not handle navigation. You will need to add links to the pages in the navigation bar or elsewhere yourself.

    This version of Easy Pages requires IPS 4. Installation is as simple as running the IPS app installer.

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