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    Sowellinformed got a reaction from CodingJungle in Stratagem   
    I love Stratagem. This type of plugin is well overdue and its pricepoint is a little high, but worth it.
    I'd give this plugin 5 stars if I could add individual people to a CARD, where that individual could only see the card they are assigned to and not the entire board.
    The ability to add a individual to a CARD instead of the TEAM would....
    Give Managers the ability to bring individuals into a project for a nuanced job, that doesnt require that they see the entire project. Allow Managers to create a more broad scoped Project without cluttering the eyes of my team with cards that they would have no input in.
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    Sowellinformed got a reaction from hankii in iAwards   
    My community has really milked this for all it can give us. I really cant imagine my community working as well as it is without this. Great price, great support response times. However Id reccomend the following to make this a dreamboat of an app.
    Award Search: As my community has 200+ awards it would be nice to have a search for them. Is there a way to search through them and their descriptions at the moment? Subcategories: Whenever I try to put a category within a category it doesn't work. Am I doing something wrong or is this not a feature yet? Award Order Preference: Allow users to choose what awards show up first on their list.
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    Sowellinformed got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Tutorials   
    Had a major issue with backend administration access and Adriano took a couple days to fix it and gave me frequent updates as to the progress of the fix, as he was working on it. SUPER Professional.
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