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    So I submitted a question via message which I got a prompt response from the developer so I said I'd purchase the list.
    First and foremost I'd like to say to everybody if you purchase this be aware support is very limited and being honest I didn't receive any support after I bought the plugin I had to find most fixes myself.
    On installation of the latest update it literally crashed my entire board on the pages the server list was supposed to be and didn't show at all (3.1.1). I asked for support and all I got back via a private message was please use this website: http://gs-dev.com.pl
    When I did I pmed the developer I got:  
    Please create topic in support forum.
    Okay I thought, maybe it's the process that they go by, so I did as per instruction create a topic: http://gs-dev.com.pl/topic/181-issues-when-setting-up/. And a rather informative one with screen shots to problems. So on Feb the 9th I created a support topic in their support forum. The response I got was in 2 days.
    I will try to help, but at the earliest on Wednesday
    Maybe he is in school developing, maybe he is stuck with time. That's fine I thought. So I went on holiday to Amsterdam. For a week. I come back now and still did not get one response. 
    If you are developing a plugin for anything number one you'd expect it to work out of the box, or have some easy install instructions which you may have to do. For 3.1.1 of this plugin, it didn't work at all out of the box and I had to use 3.0. The other thing I'd expect after paying 20 dollars for a plugin is I'd get a somewhat prompt response or fix. Or even "I'm looking in to it".
    I'll be fair and say. This looks a nice plugin and on installing the old version it worked pretty well. BUT:  Having to go through loops and loops for support and not getting anything is not right, or fair for having to pay 20 dollars. I was going to develop my own plugin but when I saw this I said no, I'll try something that's pre made instead of making the time in my busy schedule to develop my own plugin. Right now I'm just thinking of asking for a refund and creating my own plugin as it's a bit ridiculous.
    Just my two cents. I have no problem paying money for a plugin, but if there is no support for something that does not work at all I feel it's a bit crazy.
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