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  1. Of course that a newsletter (to a large mailing list) will require an external email provider such as SparkPost, I don't see a problem with that.. Pretty obvious IMO. True, however Discourse does seem to handle this without any issues. In addition to that, please note Optic14's reply - this feature is actually already pretty much exist - all that needs to be done is basically just add popular topics from the community (instead of just new topics from followed sections) to this (unique per member) "notifications email" function, and allow to schedule it separately from the normal "notifications email" (so users could, for example, keep their notifications in-site only, but still get a daily/weekly summary emails of popular topics they might have missed). Thank you
  2. You are right, this means that the core support for this feature is basically available (daily/weekly email with list of topics), all they need is to allow it to show popular topics from all the community, instead of just new topics from followed sections, and then of course allow us to send it globally to all users like a newsletter (all users will get the same topics because the popular topics are not user-specific and are not related to the user's followed content).
  3. almost doubled = make sure you are not having the GA code twice on the same page. This might cause double pageviews.
  4. "When I want it" ? This thread is one YEAR old.
  5. Not even RESPONDING to a topic in the Feedback and Ideas forum DOES MEAN they're ignoring the idea. How exactly do you know what the broader customer base wants more/less? Actually the replies here says otherwise.
  6. UP Just received an even better version of this feature from a discourse forum I'm registered at. While they keep improving this amazingly engagementing feature, the IPS team keeps ignoring this suggestion.
  7. Yes, after using it for some time, I realized that actually being able to completely collapse/hide the entire widget - will be nice...
  8. (is there a better place to report bugs on beta versions?) After upgrading to the new 4.2.2 Beta 2, all my users that do not have a custom avatar showed a broken image. The img code had an empty src: <img src="" alt="maimon_y"> When I changed the 'Default Profile Photos' setting to 'Generate profile photos from first letter of the member's display name' instead of 'Use the theme's default profile photo' - it worked fine. So it seems that something is wrong with the theme's default profile photo. To clarify: I checked with the default theme, unmodified and unchanged, all default settings. Also, in 'managing resources', the default photo - {resource="default_photo.png" app="core" location="global"} - does indeed exist. I also tried to delete the default photo, then upload it again - didn't help.
  9. +1 (or +2....) for this idea. One of the first things I did after upgrading to 4.2.0 was to enter the reactions settings page in order to set "like" to +1 and "Thanks" to +2 ..... I was actually very surprised to find out that it's not currently possible.
  10. I'm not here to argue with you... This setting WILL show you the upgrade to the FINAL release of 4.2.0, right now, instead of waiting for it to show up without this setting. Take it or leave it
  11. While I agree that customisation is the best option for everyone, I do honestly think that for 99% of the users the notifications is the first thing they want to check out - and I believe it MUST be right there on the header. Not hidden inside the hamburger menu. You can put the almost-never-used Search button in there, if you don't want to have too many icons at the same time.
  12. I would love a way to see how many users uses each display mode (table, grid, fluid) - is it possible? I'm curious because I still keep the 'table' mode as default, but I consider changing the default mode to 'fluid' - but before I do that I wish to know how many users, if at all, even noticed that this option exist - and how many users uses it. If I'll see that a lot of people are using it already - it will make me more confident about setting it as default.
  13. Add to your constants.php file: define( 'USE_DEVELOPMENT_BUILDS', TRUE ); This will show you the 4.2.0 upgrade. (Don't worry, this is the final version)
  14. Yes please. I would much prefer have the notifications icon on the first view, rather than anything else. Search button for example? it's nice but Notifications are MUCH MORE frequently used than search.
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