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  1. I'm guessing this counts as a feature suggestion rather than a bug, though it does feel like a bug to me. If you mention someone, they don't receive a notification if they have ignored you. However, if you quote someone, they will receive the notification regardless of whether they are ignoring you or not, which defeats part of the point of the ignore system. It would be good if this could be fixed in 4.3 (or, when this topic inevitably gets buried, whatever the next release is when you read this).
  2. Apparently (ticket #997071) this is working as intended... If a group doesn't have permission to access the site in the group settings, the option to "Allow filtering by this group" isn't displayed. The only way to change that setting, to include/exclude them from the search filters, is to temporarily allow them to access the site, then change the setting, then block them again. This is obviously not ideal, and I'm assuming it was just an oversight when setting up the form toggles.
  3. Is there any chance that this could be included in 4.3? It's being brought up by members again.
  4. That makes sense, I'm not sure why that's not a stock feature.
  5. MacOS and Windows aren't really comparable to forum software, but none the less Microsoft do publish detailed change notes [1] [2]. A more fair comparison IMO would be WordPress, which does appear do provide reasonable change notes [3]. Other platforms also provide change notes, such as NodeBB [4] and Vanilla [5]. When I take my site offline to perform maintenance, users always ask what changes there will be. "Bug fixes" isn't usually enough to satisfy them, but "Fixed several bugs including music being paused when a notification arrives on iOS" would. Change notes are especially useful when you publish pre-release builds, because they indicate what should be tested.
  6. Similar to how new posts can be loaded into a topic after the initial load, it would be great if edits could be loaded in later. Either a flash message like with new replies or a message like Stack Overflow has would work for this IMO. It's quite common that a user will arrive at a topic from a notification pretty quickly after the post was made, and the person who posted it has realised a mistake/etc but hasn't had a chance to edit it yet, so this would reduce the issues that this causes.
  7. On the contrary, it is my understanding that, at least in the EU and Canada, we are required by law to remove information about a user if requested.
  8. FWIW, I made (but have not publicly released) a plugin which changes the behaviour of "user can only purchase one" to "user can only have one active at a time". With that plugin enabled, I have found that a number of users end up with more than one subscription at a time because PayPal Billing Agreements sometimes fail to complete the transaction for some reason, and Commerce screws up when that happens. After a (relatively rare) less than pleasant experience with IPS support, and after the ticket was escalated to management, some improvements were made to handle this situation, but quite frankly it is still very poor, with users being charged without being granted access to the benefits that they have paid for, and with no mechanism in the suite to grant them access, even through manual action by the admin. My use of commerce is held up by the aforementioned custom plugin, a custom script that I direct users to which aims to resynchronise their permissions with the status of their billing agreement, and a lot of support tickets. What I'm trying to say is that I agree that this is an important option to have, but I also believe that, at least if you use PayPal, if it is added you will still spend your time responding to users' support requests and issuing refunds (or receiving money for products that the users don't end up getting). For the record, I have in a number of support tickets proposed solutions to most of the issues that I have brought up here, but they have not been implemented, and for the most part went ignored in the tickets. We are currently in the process of migrating the payments off Invision Community and into a custom site. There are other reasons than just the problems with IPS, but it is really feeling like less effort to code the entire Stripe integration outside of IPS than it was to deal with the PayPal integration in IPS (and yes, I am aware that IPS supports Stripe. As I said, there are other unrelated reasons for the move).
  9. I am usually on the site of criticising IPS for a lack of backwards compatibility, but even I have to side with them here. Unless they are digging deeper than they should into the core code, Applications haven't been broken by the upgrade to 4.2 (aside from maybe a few minor cosmetic issues). Themes have been broken, but in your Windows analogue that matches up - you can't transfer a theme between windows XP, vista, 7, 8 or 10 afaik. The amount that themes will have broken depends on how heavily customised they were, but even the more heavily customised sites (of which mine is one) didn't require an outrageous amount of work to resolve issues. In Windows, there is a defined API, and if you go outside that and start relying on things other than the public API, it will break without warning. With IPS, there is a defined API, the easy mode theme editor, which should work with minimal changes between versions, but if you want to edit the HTML and CSS, you will need to pay attention to the change notes a bit more. It looks like IPS has listened to our feedback about backwards compatibility being important, because everything since 4.2 released has been bug fixes rather than a mixture of bug fixes and other more in depth changes, so I must say, thank you @Lindy and all the devs. However, they have to make breaking changes at some point, and in a significant release like 4.2 makes sense.
  10. Personally, I'm not a fan of the very top bar being white. I think a dark bar would look better, such as (the bar there is #212932). However, my browser skin is also dark, so maybe it looks better with white above it.
  11. Currently, if you select multiple posts with the checkboxes, the only ways to uncheck them are to perform an action on them, or to manually go back and uncheck them. If you decide that actually you don't want to perform any action on them, it can be quite time consuming going back through all the pages where you had selected posts/comments and unchecking them all. It would be helpful, and not very complicated, to add one more item to the moderation toolbox to "clear selected posts".
  12. Currently, if someone comments on a status update, you receive a notification iff (if and only if - there is no way to receive notifications without meeting one of the criteria, and no way to not receive notifications if you do) you posted the status update originally, the status update was posted on your profile, or you have previously replied to that status update. If you are tagged in the comment, you will receive two notifications - one for the comment and one for the tag. If two people reply to the status update, you will receive two notifications, unlike how the rest of the site works (where comment notifications are collapsed together into "A, B and 3 others"). A system that would make a lot more sense is: Status updates can be followed and unfollowed, like all other content on the site. I would suggest making this a button inline with time/options/report (probably between time and options) that is fa-bell-o when not following, and fa-bell when following, to make it more inline than following elsewhere on the site. When you click it, it should open the follow popup like following elsewhere. By default, the person who posted the status, and the person who's profile it was posted on, should follow it (ideally they should be able to opt out of that in notification settings, but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯). It might also make sense that the "Notify me of replies" checkbox when posting comments is checked by default. When multiple people have replied to a status update, those notifications should be combined together to just say "A, B and 3 others replied to a status update by Z". This is one of the most common (if not the single most common) suggestion/bug report that I see on my site, and I would really appreciate it if it was changed. Implementing it is not particularly complicated - the changes that would be needed are: Add "implements \IPS\Content\Followable" to Statuses\Status Remove the sendNotifications code from Statuses\Reply (you can just rely on the parent) Add the following to Statuses\Status::processAfterCreate: $save = array( 'follow_id' => md5( 'core'. ';' . 'status' . ';' . $this->id . ';' . \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_id ), 'follow_app' => 'core', 'follow_area' => 'status', 'follow_rel_id' => $this->id, 'follow_member_id' => \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_id, 'follow_is_anon' => 0, 'follow_added' => time() + 1, // Make sure streams show follows after content is created 'follow_notify_do' => 1, 'follow_notify_meta' => '', 'follow_notify_freq' => 'immediate', 'follow_notify_sent' => 0, 'follow_visible' => 1 ); \IPS\Db::i()->insert( 'core_follow', $save ); if ($this->member_id != \IPS\Member::loggedIn()->member_id) { $save = array( 'follow_id' => md5( 'core'. ';' . 'status' . ';' . $this->id . ';' . $this->member_id ), 'follow_app' => 'core', 'follow_area' => 'status', 'follow_rel_id' => $this->id, 'follow_member_id' => $this->member_id, 'follow_is_anon' => 0, 'follow_added' => time() + 1, // Make sure streams show follows after content is created 'follow_notify_do' => 1, 'follow_notify_meta' => '', 'follow_notify_freq' => 'immediate', 'follow_notify_sent' => 0, 'follow_visible' => 1 ); \IPS\Db::i()->insert( 'core_follow', $save ); } Implement createNotification in Statuses\Reply to customise the notification text I think there was one other thing that has to be changed to prevent it from erroring, but it was easy enough to find by just looking at the error stack trace The theme update to add the button I am even happy to actually write the patch for you for free if you want, but due to time constraints the times that I can do it are fairly limited (either in the next couple of weeks or not until December). Please contact me by PM here or by email if you're interested in taking up my offer.
  13. If a group doesn't have permission to view a forum, those posts shouldn't show in the activity feed, regardless of the status of the "Users can view topics created by other users" setting, and users shouldn't be able to access the topic when clicking a link to it regardless of how they acquired the link. If that's not the case on your site, you should definitely submit a ticket.
  14. Many simple plugins can work without being updated for all updates (they wouldn't work with IPS 5, but there's a fair chance that something simple will work with IPS, but there is no guarantee offered by the IPS developers with respect to breaking changes, so some plugins, particularly those that hook slightly deeper into the system, could be broken by any software update, such as from 4.2.2 to 4.2.3. As far as I'm aware, updates aren't pushed automatically to the cloud servers, but it's a simple wizard to update to the latest version.
  15. A few members have requested that something is added to manage posts that are multiquoted, for example if they get to page 5 and find that something they quoted on page 2 has been addressed already, so they no longer need it quoted. Currently, the options are to go back through the topic to search for the post, which can waste a lot of time, and to remove it once they insert it into the editor, which doesn't work or is very buggy on mobile browsers (at least on Android), so adding a dialog linked from the multipost info float would save a reasonable amount of time.
  16. Currently, if a hook has a compile error, such as not reflecting the parameters of the method that it overrides (particularly an issue with the backwards-incompatible changes in 4.2), the error is discarded silently, even when IN_DEV. This obviously isn't ideal. Can we kill two birds with one stone and get better exceptions for hooks too, by replacing the monkey patch code with $contents = "namespace {$namespace}; ". str_replace( '_HOOK_CLASS_', $realClass, file_get_contents( ROOT_PATH . '/' . $data['file'] ) ); if (\IPS\IN_DEV) { $filename = tempnam(\IPS\TEMP_DIRECTORY, "HOOK_{$namespace}\\{$finalClass}_{$data['file']}"); $fullContents = "<?php " . $contents; \file_put_contents($filename, $fullContents); register_shutdown_function( function( $temp ) { unlink( $temp ); }, $filename ); require $filename; $realClass = $data['class']; } else { try { if( @eval( $contents ) !== FALSE ) { $realClass = $data['class']; } } catch ( \ParseError $e ) { } } I have tested this code and not encountered any issues (though on windows there might be a problem with the use of \, in which case maybe a replace to - or _ is needed).
  17. The theme differences link in the nav still goes to community.ips; manually rewriting it to invisioncommunity works correctly, and the dev forum link in the developer area nav.
  18. Yes, it works with (but most likely not with 4.2, and may cause issues, so I would advise disabling before updating). I maintain that it doesn't actually reduce security, because the thing that it fixes doesn't actually provide any security, but clearly IPS disagree.
  19. Have you actually tested this? IPB uses chunking for downloads, so it should bypass the download size restrictions - I have served multiple gigabyte files from my site through cloudflare and the one issue that did occur, the specifics of I can't remember but I think it involved PHP segfaulting/crashing, was not due to Cloudflare.
  20. You can fix that by also adding max-width: 100% inside the braces in the bit you added before, so it becomes .ipsPager .ipsPager_next a, .ipsPager .ipsPager_prev a { display: inline-block; max-width: 100%; }
  21. This is actually a really interesting feature. However, I do think it would be good to allow them to change views, and have it stored in a cookie, just like guests can change theme, language and activity stream view.
  22. To your custom.css file, add .ipsPager .ipsPager_next a, .ipsPager .ipsPager_prev a { display: inline-block; }
  23. I believe they are checked to make sure that they aren't malicious, but they are not thoroughly checked to ensure there are no bugs or anything like that. IPS support would simply suggest disabling the plugin and contacting the author. Many of the features being added in 4.2 were available in the marketplace previously.
  24. The index looks like it has been removed correctly. I would recommend putting attachments on the cookie-free domain too.
  25. Just because cloudflare sets a cookie, doesn't mean that there aren't benefits of getting rid of the other cookies. Some of the IPS cookies are quite large, especially admin-specific ones, so you still have a lot to gain from using a "cookie-free" domain, even if it isn't 100% cookie free. That said, you don't actually need the cookie_domain entry in constants.php, because it has a sensible default value, so the cookies won't be sent to other subdomains. Having it defined shouldn't cause any issues (unless you change domains and forget to change the value then), but it also doesn't provide any benefits. For the directory index, a .htaccess file with Options -Indexes should fix it, but I'm not certain because I've not used apache for a bit. If there is already a htaccess file, add anywhere (doesn't matter if there are other Options directives).
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