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  1. Handful of Questions

    Awesome. I already purchased though and just got done converting from phpBB with most of my content carrying over. Thanks!
  2. Handful of Questions

    Thanks for the help so far... 1) I'm not finding any issues with Lunar Pages and IP.Boards on my own research. They are considered a great host, besides this phpBB bug they have I haven't had too many issues. ANSWERED! Thanks! 2) My RSS feed is through a feedburner account @ http://feeds.feedburner.com/project-nerd. I'm not the greatest with RSS feeds, but plugging that in the demo site the sofware recognizes the feed as a feed until I try to have it autopost. 3) ANSWERED! Thanks. 4) ANSWERED! Thanks. 5) Clarifying... when I'm on the demo site, under the user profile I can see five stars like there are on each thread. I want to keep the thread ranking but was concerned if users get ranked by other users. Don't want that if it is there. 6) ANSWERED! Thanks. Thanks for the great responses... another positive mark for IP.Boards as it's clear the community will help me quickly!
  3. Handful of Questions

    I am seriously considering IP.Board to be used for our forums but I have a few questions first. Thanks up front for any help received. 1) How well does an IP.Board work on a Lunar Pages server? Currently, I use phpBB as a free solution. The reason I'm looking at paid options is that phpBB and Lunar Pages don't get along well. My load speeds are terrible and it even impacts the amount of users we have. Trying to find out if others have IP.Board on a Lunar Pages server so I can see if timing is a common problem with this software as well. 2) How does (or can it) RSS autofeed into a category? I have a blog that does 6-10 updates a day and I want those to post into the forums for people to discuss. I noticed that one of the features of IP.Board is that an RSS Feed can auto post into the forums. Upon setting up this on my demo site I've ran into issues (it doesn't recognize feed - feedburner link). What are some of the ways this works? And how easy are they? 3) Have a Wordpress CMS site with client login, is there a plugin or option so users can have one login across the board (besides opensource)? Basically want to see if users can have one login for the entire site and not have to login for our member section and then have separate for the forums. 4) If I only buy the forum software, will the links to the blog, gallery, etc still be there with buying options or will the menus clean up? I don't want other admins and users to be seeing links to additional features/software that can be purchased. Too many additional links and pages aren't my thing. Not a big issue if does stay but only admins see it. 5) How easy is it to remove users being ranked (5 stars) and things of that nature? I don't have any reason in my community to have somebody ranked 2 stars and somebody else ranked 5. I do like threads being ranked though, so I don't want the option removed entirely. 6) When putting on my own server can I switch directories without affecting the license? This might seem silly, but there's some forum software out there that once you put their single license on a directory you need to contact them before changing. Basically, I'd like to put this in a temporary directory for a day or so (ie /forum2) so I can update some CSS, images and work out things, but then I'd like to move it to the live directory (ie /forum) without a hiccup. This is all I have for now. Thanks up front (again) for anybody that can assist me with any of those. I'm looking to make a purchase as early as today depending on how comfortable I am that this is the right replacement solution.