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  1. Passion

    Quiz System

    also my singature is not showing up on the front end rememebr im on 3.2
  2. Passion

    Quiz System

    how do we pick which answer is the correct one as they all go to wrong yes in the acp i get that but on front end i dont
  3. Passion

    Quiz System

    getting that sam error whats teh fix
  4. Passion

    Quiz System

    hey will this work on IPB 3.2 if so i will buy asap
  5. yes is there a way to pin shouts in shout box
  6. also in way og sticking shouts at the top or can u add this that would be great
  7. hey how do i make the text area of the shout box taller i want to increase the height a tad i got the length but now how do i do height
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