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  1. Elaborate on this more, can you give me the link to your website through pm (you dont have to give me any account details or anything, im jsut gonna use "Inspect Element to fiddle with the looks" Since this i what I do everytime), if you don't want to it's completely fine with me.
  2. That's just a sign saying that you are lazy, would just want everything to be automated?
  3. Thats why you delete the favicon in root and admincp when you re-download the update/bugfixes
  4. Answer 1 - That has to do with the template bit - If you want I can help you on that, if I have the time Answer 2 - Yes it is possible - as you can see it uses a fluid width of 38%; - Just change it (You might also need to change the pixel sizes too depending on your overall .content width (The wrapper) Answer 3 - Yes you will need to, though if you want i could just give them to you if you don't want to make it
  5. I do not know what kind of servers you have, but I have "A lot" of servers, that I dont use or just use for testing. (In the general sense of a lot, I have a lot)
  6. Avatars were part of the core asset Very well i shall continue on the avatars
  7. I myself don't understand either, which is why im "breaking my fingers" trying to restore it on the 3.3.X versions, im gonna try to see if i can get this linear view thing a go. But for now im working on the avatars.
  8. I can post a tutorial about how to get topic descriptions back if you really need it. Right now im trying to make a workaround on how to get avatars back, so far im doing good, but the images get distorted and out of place on the profile view. (I Just really like the avatar feature they had, so im gonna do all I can to get it back) Was linear view also part of 3.1.4? Maybe I can do something if it's from 3.1.4.
  9. Id rather have it set up on "your own server" than on IPS's, but I can understand the benefits and security measures.
  10. I wonder if IPs would go for a Unlimited package.
  11. Hey there, I am gong to show you how to make the subforums look like this: Instruction: Go to Look & Feel > "Your Style" > CSS> IPB_style.css and find the following: And Change it to: Well the finding for the subforums are a little different depending on the skin, that was the change-up for the Default Master Skin, Other skin style findings may vary depending on the skin, which the css style will look very different from the style finding for the Default skin. Just find it and replace it with the second part. P.S - Most likely this will go into a
  12. There is also the dependancy of what broser you are using: For instance i do not know what firfox uses as plain text, but for google chrome instead of doing Ctrl+V you must do Ctrl+Shift+V. It's really handy, but I cant use google chrome since im using Widows 8 for bug reports T_T. Other than that the RTE seems fine to me if they upgraded to the latest one which IPS should do.
  13. It is possibe to re-enable this in the signature settings, but the process is quite long unless you want me to post a long tutorial that would take days to approve i think.
  14. that should be fixed in CK 3.6.3, i think.
  15. somewhat like this hook, that doesnt work anymore: http://community.invisionpower.com/files/file/4875-pav32-retrieve-link-titles/
  16. You know how when you post something with a long link and it trunicates the link that is posted. Well I think you shoud add a Name Retrieval for links so that it would find the link's name instead of having when posted a long trunicated link shows up and you cant see half of it. You should at least make it a post option like how vBulletin has it in their misc options. Example:
  17. You would need to build an api module for each of the third party image communities. That itself would take time.
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