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  1. I agree, this would be extreamly helpful on my side too, just makes it easier to organised everything. It could also lead to which groups are the more important.

    For example, mine would be:

    Sectional Mod

    Global Mod

    Senior Administrator

    Which could make Guest be the least important to Senior Admin which is the top group?

    mine is the opposite :P


  2. You can only fight a social network with a social network.

    A forum board is a different story u can still try to make ur forum into a social cmmunity, but face it... in the end it's still a forum. (IPB 4.0 will fix that I believe, all you need is the dedicated time to get past the new set of bugs that will likely be ranted about by the community and the time to customize the community even more.)

    • title="">Member Map - Not necessary and is good as a module.
    • title="">Social Groups - Few people have been asking for this, so I think they wont put it. It's a nice application, but just not enough people asking for it.
    • or an image contests - this can also be a module.

    Another thing... A more advance "Media Tag" configuration that can work with external files and those external files would contain (Regex) codes that can be used with the Media Tags.

  3. jQuery is a lot more than just a way of smoothing over browser inconsistencies - it's a tool for writing more elegant, more expressive and more concise javascript. You could absolutely do it all in plain javascript by writing your own functions - but then you'd end up with your own version of jQuery, except not tested by millions of people.

    If you're literally just showing and hiding elements, jQuery is probably over the top. But for more extensive DOM manipulation, it'd be silly not to use it (or another good library) IMO.

    Then eventually jQuery will be overrun by a better DOM manipulation tool that serves more than it needs to.... basically everything is just upgrading to fast to keep up with so everyone tried to compatiblelize as fast as they can by "human demand" standards don't rush on 4.0 guys, keep it steady and less buggy that it normally would be.

  4. Me releasing my embed code; If someone can make an xml out of it go ahead, but this uses pseudo streaming since that what my servers use:

    To use normal streaming just remove the provider: "http" and startparam: "start" lines:

    <div id="my-player"></div>
    <script type="text/javascript">
            file: "$1.mp4",
            height: 420,
            width: "100%",
            stretching: "exactfit",
            provider: "http",
            startparam: "start",
            primary: "flash",

    For Pro+ users:

    <div id="my-player"></div>
    <script type="text/javascript">
            file: "$1.mp4",
            height: 420,
            width: "100%",
            stretching: "exactfit",
            provider: "http",
            startparam: "start",
            primary: "flash",
            logo: {
                file: '{board_url}/path/to/logo',
                link: '{board_url}',
                hide: 'true'
            abouttext: "Your site Name",
            aboutlink: "http://www.example.com"

    My Regex:


    This can also be use with other extensions (tested by me).

  5. Attachment


    Jwplayer 6 does not work with embed or iframe sources anymore as said by their developer's documentation

  6. What about the path to the JWplayer? There is no file name called  src="{board_url}/public/jsmedia/player.swf"

    I renamed the jwplayer.flash.swf to player.swf.

    Do not do that, revert it back, it ruins the configuration for the jwplayer javascript file. You can specify a different directory for it, but you are not to rename it.

  7. Well since JWPlayer got worse overall

    u "Will" need the Jwplayer javascript file in ur global template with a valid key provided by them upon sign up.

    Eventually with the right embed code like mine you'll have somethign like this:

    This is JWPlayer Pro 6 using pure javascript sources and no embed coding since JWPlayer said that hey will not support it and will not show up.

    nMtujWy.png' alt='' class='ipsImage' wid" alt="nMtujWy.png">

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